Healthcare Provider Technology

Accelerate Innovation to Drive Operational Efficiency and Improve Patient Outcomes.

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System Soft Technologies empowers hospitals and health systems to accelerate innovation with greater speed and reduced complexity. This is done through scalable and secure automation and digital transformation solutions that drive operational efficiencies and address critical challenges from evolving Healthcare reform.

System Soft’s service offerings are focused on helping physicians, hospital systems and clinical providers transition to new delivery models and telehealth platforms and provide digital services to patients seeking value-based and self-directed care.

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Intelligent Automation for Hospitals and Health Systems
Integration Services for Hospitals and Health Systems
Digital User Experience for Hospitals and Health Systems
Data and Analytics for Hospitals and Health Systems
Security Services for Hospitals and Health Systems

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Intelligent automation (iA) for Hospitals and Health Systems uses robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), hyperautomation and intelligent document processing (IDP) to increase efficiency and automate high volume processes in areas, such as provider credentialing, certification of records and document imaging integration to patient records.

  • Reduce repetitive administrative tasks to streamline processes, enhance efficiency and lower costs with RPA
  • Standardize and integrate data and workflows across multiple disconnected and disparate systems
  • Automate payer-provider collaboration through claims and appeals process automation that speeds payments and reduces redundancy
  • Enhance patient experience and improve outcomes by using automated chatbot technology and AI-powered automation
  • Implement conversational AI for enhanced patient interaction
  • Automate back-office revenue cycle management with RPA and IDP
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Digital User Experience enables hospitals and health systems to market services and engage patients with personalized communications and self-care management services, driving better outcomes and building patient trust and loyalty.

  • Increase patient engagement and enhance the patient experience with access to self-service tools, such as appointment scheduling, pre-registration information and documents, appointment check-in, payment portals, information resources and communications about personalized wellness topics and services from a single platform
  • Deliver personalized and contextualized communications with access to relevant education resources and services to support patient wellness and self-care initiatives
  • Automate patient engagement with analytics and models that help predict the next best actions to automate low-value or low-risk tasks, reduce the time spent on manual processes and free up resources for more complex tasks
  • Unlock valuable care insights and patient journey information with artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics to drive intelligent member engagement, improve care effectiveness and identify and manage high-risk patients
  • Create an end-to-end patient experience with the transparency and functionality patients want and the integration and insights needed to enhance patient experience and deliver value-based care
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Modernize platforms through the process of assessing, architecting, transforming, executing and managing the transition from legacy applications and data environments, which are costly and complex, to cloud-based, agile and efficient environments, which are future-proofed and cost-effective.

System Soft Technologies’ connectivity services use innovative and effective middleware platforms to connect services, data and applications. This creates a seamless environment supporting business users, such as care teams, payers, government entities, regulators, suppliers and PBMs and patient needs.

  • Transition from costly and complex legacy applications and data environments to cloud-based, agile and efficient environments, which are future-proof, cost-effective and align with modern healthcare
  • Use innovative and effective middleware platforms to connect services, data and applications
  • Drive greater payer-provider collaboration for better care coordination with simplified workflows
  • Comply with CMS interoperability and FHIR mandates by increasing automation and streamlining decision-making and communication between payers, providers and patients, supporting efficient care coordination
  • Exchange information across organizations, systems, devices and applications to unlock valuable data insights and transform patient experience to improve patient outcomes
  • Eliminate data silos by consolidating disparate sources, enabling a single source of truth for improving collaboration and increasing operational efficiency
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Improve cyber resiliency, safeguard patient data and protect your organization’s brand and reputation by implementing a multi-layered protection strategy against cyber-attacks for all networks, applications, devices and programs. System Soft Technologies does this through our assessment and compliance, threat hunting, monitoring, identity access management and endpoint protection services.

System Soft Technologies helps your organization through our assessment and compliance, threat hunting, monitoring, identity access management and endpoint protection services.

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration (PEN) testing to identify and remediate known vulnerabilities and configuration issues with real-world attack simulations
  • Application and Infrastructure Security Assessments to test critical applications security and assess high-risk transaction platforms
  • Risk Assessments to identify threats, vulnerabilities, level of exposure and possible impact
  • Controls Review to evaluate safeguards for confidentiality, integrity and availability of information systems

Maintain compliance with healthcare compliance services to include:

  • Minimum Acceptable Risk Standards for Exchanges (MARS-E)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST)
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Turn data into actionable insights by aggregating internal and external data sources. Use these insights to drive clinical process improvements, predict and manage population risk, and improve quality of care and clinical outcomes.

  • Automate a generation of data insights for more actionable decision-making with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and other advanced technologies
  • Aggregate patient data across internal and external sources for clinical data modeling to proactively identify at-risk patients and make informed care management decisions, enhance care coordination and improve patient outcomes