Digital Workplaces: Drive Employee Productivity

COVID-19 has presented an existential threat to many businesses, with the unrelenting requirement that many employees be confined to home-bound work settings. Working from home is no longer the anomaly. But it’s the “new normal,” which requires a work setting that’s equal to or better than in-office environments.

At-home employees are working harder than ever. A poll by Robert Half International found that 68% of employees who transitioned to remote work are now working weekends and 45% are working more hours than before the pandemic.

But how do leaders provide a workplace setting for remote employees that enables collaboration, personalization, automation, employee productivity and insightful data to help right now? The answer: A digital workplace.

What Is a Digital Workplace?

Digital Workplace infographic

What’s the Value of a Digital Workplace?

It’s well documented that the better the employee experience, the better the customer experience. There are also numerous surveys that have amplified the business value of digital workplaces, as documented in the following graphic.

Digital workplace infographic

Want to Learn More?

Watch our webinar and dive deep into what it takes to overcome the growing challenges of remote workers and the need to drive productivity, automation and data insights for all employees. During our webinar, you can learn:

  • What is a best-in-class digital workplace
  • How to boost productivity, reduce attrition, and enhance engagement and collaboration
  • How to introduce a personalized and self-curated digital employee experience

You will also gain insights about:

  • How best to support remote workers
  • Why retention still matters
  • How robotic process automation (RPA) plays into the solution
  • How productivity influences business growth
  • How employee engagement affects productivity
  • How to start with the design and deployment of modern digital workplaces experience

[Watch webinar: Drive Employee Productivity Through the Digital Workplace]

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System Soft Technologies (SSTech) offers a Digital Workplace solution, which consists of three elements that power companies through the challenges they are confronting today.

  • With our Digital Employee Experience, your employees are more engaged and enabled with improved connectivity, enhanced collaboration, more insight and analytics that support predictive decision making.
  • With our Process Automation, your business reduces the cost of high-volume processes, decreases errors, and allows for the transition of scarce resources from low-value to high-value growth activities.
  • With our Data Insights and Dashboards, your organization can integrate and combine data to produce predictive and prescriptive analytics, enhancing business outcomes. You can even find opportunities to monetize data assets, while reducing the cost of data management activities and infrastructure.

After you watch the webinar, let’s talk. Isn’t it time for your business to pivot from disruption to digital workplaces & reinvention? Discover how now.

About the Author: Stephen Moritz

Stephen Moritz serves as the Chief Digital Officer at System Soft Technologies. Steve, an avid warrior of fitness and health, champions driving business transformation and growth through the implementation of innovative technology. He often shares his knowledge about Digital Marketing, Robotic Process Automation, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and Cloud-based Services.