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Digital Technology: Lessons Learned from the 2020 Election, and 3 Things You Can Do About It

By: | Posted on: Nov 20, 2020

Regardless of your political leaning, the recent general election was a true test of our national capability to secure, automate digital technology, . . .

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Automate Automation: Get More Bang from Bots

By: | Posted on: Nov 7, 2020

Every business leader is thinking about digital transformation and how to use automation bots for enhancing customer engagement and driving . . .

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Future of Digital Customer Experience

By: | Posted on: Oct 16, 2020

The norm nowadays is consumers expect exceptional experiences. That outlook comes on the heels of business pacesetters like Amazon, . . .

It’s Flu-idity Season: Don’t Let Your Business Systems Get Sick

By: | Posted on: Oct 9, 2020

Let’s face it. For many, 2020 has been a year of escalating challenges, both economic and health-related. With Fall here and Winter just around . . .

man using ipad and having coffee glass and spects on table.

TikTok Challenge: 5 Reasons Oracle, Walmart Deal Warrants Your Attention

By: | Posted on: Sep 28, 2020

With more than 800 million users worldwide posting duets, hashtag challenges and memes. TikTok is one of the most used social media apps . . .

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Get an ‘A’ on Your Home-Work

By: | Posted on: Sep 2, 2020

Fall is almost here. This back-to-school season is shaping up to be unlike any other. For many, the “classroom” and the “office” might be co-located . . .

woman working on computer low code development platform

Embrace Low-Code Development Platforms for the Business Win

By: | Posted on: Aug 7, 2020

Low-code development platforms (LCDP) have been around since 2011. But, they are only now considered mainstream technology. In simple terms, low-code . . .

group of employees discussing on digital employee experience

Digital Transformation: How to Keep, Engage Top Performers using Digital Employee Experience

By: | Posted on: Feb 10, 2020

It’s common knowledge that with the U.S. unemployment rate at a historic low of 3.5%, the labor market is very tight. With opportunities . . .