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people working on application development

Application Development with System Soft Technologies

System Soft’s robust Application Development and Maintenance Practice guides you, so you can take advantage of today’s innovative technology. We get this done by accelerating the use of modern applications that meet your unique business needs.

two women discussing integrations for financial services

Streamline and Scale Financial Services Solutions with Boomi

Increase business agility and enhance customer experiences through Open Banking Solutions

Are adapting to merger and acquisition business needs, modernization of legacy infrastructure and open banking solutions causing your organization to struggle?

man and two women discussing security pen testing

Key Penetration Testing Steps – Identify and Prioritize Unknown Security Risks

System Soft Technologies’ comprehensive Vulnerability and Penetration Testing solutions are designed to help you navigate through today’s evolving security risks and regulations, while helping you stay secure and compliant.

a man and a woman discussing benefits of iPaaS

Accelerate and Scale Your Business with a Connected Ecosystem by Boomi

Know these key benefits of iPaaS platform solution with Boomi. Improve and streamline organizational business connectivity.

illustrator man reviewing enterprise data

Enterprise Data Management Solutions

Achieve an enterprise-wide, strategic view of siloed data from multiple sources to enhance targeted decision-making insights.

IT quality assurance service provider

Digital Workplace Solutions

Enhance your digital workplace experiences by providing employees and customers with flexibility to connect, create and collaborate from anywhere at any time.

microsoft licensing contract

Optimize Your Microsoft Licensing Spend

Check out our Licensing Cost Estimator Tool to see how simple it is. When it comes to buying Microsoft Licensing, simplicity is key.

Omnichannel Marketing attribution hub image

LensIQ, An Enterprise Omnichannel Marketing Attribution Hub powered by Elysium Analytics

LensIQ can help achieve an enterprise-wide, strategic view of your overall marketing performance across all channels with targeted decision-making insights

Security compliance graphic

Protect Your Organization’s Resources, Reputation and Stay Compliant – Solution Brief

Meeting regulatory compliance standards are essential. Failing to uphold regulations can impact the long-term success of your business . . .