Grant Portal

Business Grant Portal

Help your community & expand your capabilities

System Soft Technologies is looking to partner with CDFIs and other financial institutions to help distribute federal grant money for your State and Local Governments.

Here’s why you should partner with us

  • System Soft

    has the tailored solution to intake grant applications and distribute funds

  • You

    have a relationship and experience in the development of your local communities

  • Together

    we process and distribute the federal grant money to your communities through various programs (CARES Act, American Rescue Act, or any other grant)

Business Grant Portal

The benefits of our cooperative business model

  • Fee sharing

    Both of our teams share in the processing fees provided by the program. This helps you grow, while also helping your local small businesses in their time of need.

  • Quality control

    Before starting the RFP or contract, our team reviews all requirements and conducts a Q&A to ensure technical viability and program understanding.

  • Adaptable

    We’re flexible in the division of responsibility. We can be fully on board with in-house and in-person representation or give you complete control in management.

Business Grant Portal

Customized to fit your needs

We have a “modifiable-off-the-shelf” Grant Portal that can be tailored to meet the needs of any grant or loan processing.

  • Saves time & money

    We use the Citizen Developer no code platform which ensures all requirements are met, even without typing a single line of code. This speeds up the process and saves you money, all with a compliant and scalable architecture.

  • Customizable

    State and Local Governments customize the criteria and distribution requirements to ensure a tailored approach for their local community.

  • Versatile

    Customized distribution can be as simple as pass/fail and first come/first served like the Paycheck Protection Program. Or it can be as complex and specific as a tailored implementation of the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.

  • Agile

    Our portal can quickly and easily adapt to any set of criteria; no requirements are too complex.

  • Fast implementation

    The portal can be live in just 10 days!