March 4, 2021

Azure ARC: There’s No Pain with A Single Pane of Glass

Presented by

Eric Leonard & Don Bilbrey (SSTech) + Dan Jeffre & Tom Hatty (Microsoft)

About this talk

Managing the Chaos of Multiple Clouds and Diverse On-Premises Technology

As we shift toward virtual infrastructure to take advantage of scalable resources and bleeding edge services in the cloud, it is still important to get as much value as possible from current on-premises infrastructure, which already has been bought and must be fully depreciated. Discarding thousands or, in some cases, millions of dollars in current infrastructure and going all-in on the cloud is infeasible for most organizations.

However, keeping up on innovative technologies is a daunting task without using modern cloud services. Finding a happy medium was impossible until the recent release of Microsoft Azure Arc.

Attend this webinar on azure arc to learn how market leaders have cracked the code to build a Modernized Hybrid Platform, which successfully uses the latest cloud services, while fully realizing the value of on-premises infrastructure. Smart companies are taking advantage of Azure monitoring, security, scalability and modern services to reduce time and cost, as well as rapidly deploy, without throwing away invested infrastructure.

We will share case studies about how top performers have overcome challenges building a Modernized Hybrid Platform. In pragmatic terms, specific recommendations and techniques will be described, which can fuel adoption, accelerate modernization and drive higher ROI for your current and future infrastructure environment.

Through these case studies, attendees will learn how System Soft Technologies (SSTech) has blended a unique method with an automated hybrid platform to modernize our clients’ current Infrastructure, enhancing digital customer experiences and driving top-line growth.