August 6, 2020

Five Ways To Revolutionize Business Models Through Microsoft Azure Cloud

Presented by

Steve Moritz, Chief Digital Officer & Eric Leonard, Microsoft Practice Lead & Don Bilbrey, Senior Solution Architect

About this talk

If you think the “cloud” is solely a technical strategy to cut IT costs, then you are wrong. Attend this webinar and learn how organizations (maybe your competitors) are leveraging Azure to revolutionize business models.

About this Webinar

Unprecedented and uncertain times call for senior leaders to find near-term and practical ways to optimize business processes, expand revenue sources, and implement digital transformation.

Organizations can’t survive by only cutting costs, reducing headcount, and shuttering operations. Yes, it is practical and achievable to enhance business operations through the migration and expansion of Azure Cloud Services.

While many leaders may think that the cloud is an effective way to quickly eliminate fixed costs for infrastructure, we will illuminate how top line, customer engagement, and product expansion can be achievable outcomes to revolutionize business models. This webinar will be of interest to the C-Level Executives who want to hear real-life examples of how Microsoft Azure Cloud has supported tangible business transformation.

As a business or technology leader, you will gain meaningful knowledge and tangible ideas as we thoroughly review these case studies (and others) of how Azure Cloud Services has been used by :

  • Health Care firm to design and deliver new services to an expanded geographic market, with lower costs and higher margins to drive an increase is product revenue of 18%
  • Global Telecommunications company to leverage Azure Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to implement a customer attrition proactive strategy that cut attrition by 15%
  • A security analytics business migrated an on-premise implementation of its technology to Azure to enable a Security Analytics as a Service business model, greatly increasing total addressable market, value proposition and revenue

Webinar attendees will also gain insights on an approach for defining a roadmap for Azure transformation, from business ideation through technical architecture design and migration.