Get Started with Azure Infrastructure as a Service

Move to the Microsoft cloud for better efficiency, savings and insight

Microsoft Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS) has multiple services you can adopt. And they can be used to grow your organization’s cloud footprint.

By migrating Microsoft Windows and Linux servers, along with mission-critical workloads and line-of-business solutions, the resources of a trusted cloud and technology partner can help you design the infrastructure that’s right for your organization.

You can:​

  • Lift and shift existing servers and workloads.​
  • Increase data compute and storage capacity, without building out on-premises infrastructure.​
  • Gain a future-ready platform for developing new business models.​
  • Take advantage of innovative technologies, such as advanced analytics and cognitive services, without the need for skills in data science or artificial intelligence.
  • Acquire access to comprehensive security tools like identity and access management, app and data protection, network security, threat protection and security management, guarding your organization from security threats.
  • Modernize infrastructure, which has end-of-life support through Windows Server 2008 and 2012.
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What are the Benefits of Azure IaaS?

Azure IaaS allows your organization to increase agility with a modern infrastructure, which scales applications and workloads on demand. It allows them to improve IT efficiency, with fully managed application and database services.

Many organizations have achieved operational and energy cost savings by moving on-premises datacenters to the cloud. Built with analytics and BI tools, this allows your organization to construct new business models. And drive top-line revenue by leveraging the power of intelligent insights.

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What Does This Mean for You?

By taking advantage of the cloud, you spend less time and money managing your data center and more time growing your business.​ A robust set of policy management features allows you to implement a secure data management infrastructure.

Did you know that . . .

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Meet Your Customers’ Needs

The power of Azure IaaS allows you to meet your customer’s needs with the following advantages.

Affordable scalability. With Azure, you can increase compute and storage capacity, without paying upfront costs to build on-premises infrastructure. This allows you a quicker response to customer requests.

Flexibility. Organizations typically want a move to the cloud on their terms. With Azure, you can give them options for hybrid and tailored solutions, best meeting their unique business needs.

Digital transformation. Organizations of many sizes want to benefit from innovative and emerging technologies. Azure provides you advanced analytics and BI tools, which enhance the solutions provided to your clients.

Better return-on-investment. Doing more with less is always top of mind for organizations. Azure frees up your internal IT resources from maintaining servers, so they can spend more time on revenue-generating opportunities.

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About the Author: Eric Leonard

As Director of Cloud Solutions at System Soft Technologies, Eric helps clients overcome operational business challenges through cloud software and platforms, as well as Rapid Application Development strategies and solutions. With his global perspective, he has mastered identifying, evaluating and acting on key business drivers to build business value for organizational growth.