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LinkedIn Live Event: Secure Score for Microsoft 365 + Defender; Why Should I Care?

Save the Date: An interactive, Q&A LinkedIn Live event for business and IT leaders to better understand if their organization’s cloud environment and Microsoft 365 are secure, and what are their Secure Scores TAMPA, FL—February 8, 2022—System Soft Technologies, a leader in enterprise IT services, solutions and products, today announced it is hosting, along with […]

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Why Is Microsoft Secure Score Important to Your Organization?

By: | Posted on: Jan 12, 2022

With Microsoft Secure Score, your organization can improve its security posture and avoid becoming a victim of a cyber attack or data breach.

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Cloud Strategy with Microsoft Azure

Have the tools and resources you need to develop and execute a cloud strategy that focuses on rapid migration to drive positive business outcomes? We do. . . .

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Azure ARC: There’s No Pain with A Single Pane of Glass

Managing the chaos of multiple clouds and diverse on-premises technology. As we shift toward virtual infrastructure to take advantage of scalable resources . . .

Five Ways To Revolutionize Business Models Through Microsoft Azure Cloud

Five Ways To Revolutionize Business Models Through Microsoft Azure Cloud

If you think the cloud is solely a technical strategy to cut IT costs, then you are wrong. Attend this webinar and learn how organizations (maybe your competitors) are using . . .

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Get Started with Azure Infrastructure as a Service

By: | Posted on: Jul 27, 2021

Move to the Microsoft cloud for better efficiency, savings and insight. Microsoft Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS) has multiple services you can . . .

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Azure Arc: New Approach to Hybrid Cloud Environments

By: | Posted on: Mar 16, 2021

Manage the chaos of multiple clouds and diverse on-Premises technology. As more companies embrace the cloud, the use of hybrid architectures . . .

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Microsoft Azure Arc

By: | Posted on: Feb 24, 2021

Use Azure Management with any infrastructure to simplify operations and get the gift of extra time in your day. During the past 12 years, I have had many meetings . . .