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A well-known Regional Bank implemented integrated marketing technology and augmented its brand, getting all the support it needed for its program.


Regional Bank Case Study

In this case study, learn how a regional bank augmented its brand and exponentially increased subscribers by implementing integrated marketing technology. The banking technology solutions helped successfully drive a financial literacy campaign and increase revenue.

The bank was looking for support to create the brand, build the web portal, handle the digital marketing and provide all maintenance and support services.

The bank’s goal was to soften its image by creating, publishing and sharing vital finance and banking information to people without a formal education about those topics. While there was also a subtle intent to upsell and cross-sell its audience to purchase the bank’s mainstream banking products, the primary goal was to serve a civil function.

Credit union leaders are challenged to deploy and scale integrated marketing technology and other business technology solutions to addresses today’s most pressing demands. There are increasing expectations for virtual services by members and employees, coupled with a daunting expansion of unpredictable security risks.

Compliance is on the rise and becoming more complex to deliver and manage, while costs are increasing, and scalability and integration of data are more difficult and intricate every day.

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