January 7, 2021

Cutting Through the Hype of Hyperautomation

Presented by

Stephen Moritz, Chief Digital Officer, SSTech & Thomas Helfrich, VP, Intelligent Automation, SSTech

About this talk

5 Ways to Make RPA More Intelligent, More Automated, More Capable of Transforming Any Organization.

Organizations are aggressively exploring technology-driven automation to offset operational and financial challenges arising from the pandemic.

For many, RPA-based bots have been employed to automate high-volume, repetitive and simple processes. But the scope and complexity of what can be tackled remain limited.

Automating the type of processes that have historically been the province of “knowledge workers” has remained elusive. In response, there’s been an ever-increasing hype of hyperautomation (aka intelligent automation) as the answer to this dilemma.

Gartner has named hyperautomation as a Top 10 Strategic Technology for 2020. Yet, there are still too many organizations that are challenged to extend bot capabilities for complex tasks and are wondering if intelligent automation is more hype than reality.

Attend this webinar to learn through case studies how leading companies are finding tangible ways to hyperautomate complex processes. Five examples will be provided showing how intelligent automation has been successfully implemented to:

  • Interpret human speech
  • Understand digital images
  • Identify patterns in data
  • Automate design and development of Robotic Process Automation
  • Integrate bot activity across disparate applications and data sources

Intelligent automation is not just hype. Intelligent automation is driving operational efficiency, uplifting revenue, and enhancing customer engagement.

Webinar attendees will understand why that’s the case and be provided real-world and practical information on how to “intelligently” automate complex processes for powerful ROI outcomes.