What is Hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation, also referred to as Intelligent Automation, is not a new concept. The term Hyperautomation was recently coined in Gartner’s Strategic Technology Trends for 2020.

Upcoming Hyperautomation Webinar

According to Gartner, “hyperautomation deals with the application of advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), to increasingly automate processes and augment humans. Intelligent automation extends across a range of tools that can be automated, but also refers to the sophistication of the automation (i.e., discover, analyze, design, automate, measure, monitor, reassess, optimize.)”

Organizations are aggressively exploring technology-driven automation to offset operational and financial challenges arising from the pandemic. For many, RPA-based automation bots have been employed to automate high-volume, repetitive and simple processes. But the scope and complexity of what can be tackled remains limited. Automating the type of processes that have historically been the province of “knowledge workers” has remained elusive. 

In response, there’s been an ever-increasing amount of hype around hyperautomation (aka intelligent automation) as the answer to this dilemma. Gartner has also named hyperautomation as a Top Strategic Technology Trend for 2021. Yet, there are still too many organizations that are challenged to extend bot capabilities for complex tasks and are wondering if intelligent automation is more hype than reality. 

Below are 5 use cases we will review during our webinar that convey the power of intelligent automation. We will discuss how to identify where you are in your automation journey and what your next steps should be.

  • Interpret human speech 
  • Understand digital images 
  • Identify patterns in data 
  • Automate design and development of Robotic Process Automation 
  • Integrate bot activity across disparate applications and data sources 

Intelligent automation is not just hype. Intelligent automation is driving operational efficiency, uplifting revenue and enhancing customer engagement. Let us help you “intelligently” automate complex processes for powerful ROI outcomes in 2021. 

Who needs this? Business and IT Leaders who aren’t sure …

  • Where to start your RPA or iA journey
  • Which processes should be prioritized
  • Why ROI and results are not meeting expectations
  • What architecture and methodology is appropriate for Intelligent Automation
  • How to further improve successful RPA implementations by increasing your bots capabilities with Ai, ML and IDP

What do we provide? 

  • Pre-Workshop Questionnaire and Agenda
  • Workshop, where we collaborate with clients to identify:
    • Metrics for process evaluation
    • Weighting
    • Process and functional scoping and definition
    • Scoring
  • Post-Workshop Report Out, which covers:
    • Sequencing and time estimation
    • Short- and long-term plan
    • Best practice guidance

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