Hyperautomation QuickStrike

Who needs a Hyperautomation QuickStrike?

Business and IT Leaders who aren’t sure …

  • Where to start your RPA or iA journey
  • Which processes should be prioritized
  • Why ROI and results are not meeting expectations
  • What architecture and methodology is appropriate for Intelligent Automation
  • How to further improve successful RPA implementations by increasing your bots capabilities with Ai, ML and IDP

What do we provide? 

  • Workshop, where we educate stakeholders on:
    • Process selection criteria
    • Assess process use cases
    • Determine sequencing for execution

How long does it take? 

  • Two to four hours, depending on size of organization and number of stakeholders.

What is the deliverable? 

  • A Strategic Roadmap for Intelligent Automation, with a sequenced plan and time/effort estimations.

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