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Data or Task Automation: Where to Begin with Intelligent Automation?

By: | Posted on: Apr 4, 2022

Ensure bigger cost savings, productivity gains and a market advantage with data or task automation. Begin with intelligent automation.

mortgage loan paperwork

Mortgage Loan Originator Case Study

See how mortgage automation helped a Southeast Regional Mortgage Loan Originator reduce the amount of time and cost to receive and process customer applications.

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7 Ways to Leverage Ai Decision Engines for Accelerated RPA

By: | Posted on: Dec 8, 2021

Ai decision engines allow enterprise teams to complete more work in less time. Save money and improve productivity for your organization with a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation.

Ai decision to Accelerate RPA LinkedIN live event

LinkedIn Live: Leveraging AI Decision Engines to Accelerate RPA by System Soft Technologies

Save the Date: An interactive, Q&A LinkedIn Live event for business and IT leaders to build visual models of their smartest employees thought processes through intelligent automation…

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9 Secrets to Get the Most from Your Automation Software

By: | Posted on: Nov 3, 2021

With automation software, you can improve your organization’s qualified lead pipeline, lead nurturing and customer retention.

Intelligent Document Processing White Paper

Choose The Right Intelligent Document Processing – Download the White Paper

Download this white paper to review how an Intelligent Document Processing platform can solve your manual processing challenges & increase your ROI. 

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Robotic Process Automation with Microsoft

The business demand for workflow and process automation is higher than ever, as are the stakes. For those under threat from digitally disruptive competitors, the urgency is real. . . .

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Robotic Process Automation

Are you prepared for today’s challenging business climate by automating high-volume processes? Boost your success with robotic process automation services. . . .