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As the sophistication of robotic process automation platforms has increased in recent years, so too has adoption. But this advantage has mostly been realized by large corporations, making it even harder for SMBs to compete. Why? Lacking scale and expertise, smaller organizations have been challenged by the cost of development, maintenance, software and infrastructure, and, therefore, adoption has lagged. 

But the benefits of automation for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses are too compelling to delay any further, and lower costs are making automation widely more accessible to these smaller businesses trying to compete in unusual times of a pandemic. 

Are you a small or medium-sized business interested in intelligently automating your processes, but are concerned about implementation costs and complexity? No need to worry. Getting started cost-effectively is a common concern. We will provide insights and answers for those looking to get started automating key processes without breaking the bank. 

Who needs this? Business and IT Leaders who aren’t sure …

  • Where or how to start your RPA or iA journey
  • Which processes should be prioritized
  • What architecture and methodology is appropriate for the processes selected to implement Intelligent Automation

What do we provide? 

  • Pre-Workshop Questionnaire and Agenda
  • Workshop, where we collaborate with clients to identify:
    • Metrics for process evaluation
    • Weighting
    • Process and functional scoping and definition
    • Scoring

How long does it take? 

  • Two to four hours, depends on size of organization and number of stakeholders.

What’s the deliverable?

Post-Workshop Report Out, which covers:

  • Sequencing and time estimation
  • Short- and long-term plan
  • Best practice guidance

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