February 25, 2021

How Small & Mid-Sized Businesses Overcome Automation Barriers

Presented by

Steve Moritz, Chief Digital Officer, SSTech & Tom Helfrich, VP of Intelligent Automation, SSTech

About this talk

10 Easy Steps to Automate Your Business Without Breaking the Bank – As the sophistication of robotic process automation platforms has increased in recent years, so too has adoption.

But this advantage has mostly been realized by large corporations, thereby making it even harder for SMBs to compete. Why? Lacking scale and expertise, smaller organizations have been challenged by the cost of development, maintenance , software and infrastructure, and therefore adoption has lagged resulting as overall automation barriers.

But the benefits of automation for SMBs are too compelling to delay any further, and lower costs are making automation widely more accessible to these smaller businesses trying to compete in unusual times of a pandemic.

Are you a small or medium-sized business interested in automating your processes but are concerned about implementation costs and complexity? No need to worry. Getting started cost-effectively is a common concern. This webinar will provide insights and answers for those looking to get started automating key processes to overcome automation barriers without breaking the bank.

In this webinar, we will share case studies that explain the ten easy steps to develop a cost-effective strategy and execution plan for intelligent automation:

  • Understand Intelligent Automation Basics
  • Develop a Mission Statement
  • Assess Your Organization’s Needs and Select Optimum Use Cases
  • Develop Budget
  • Select Technology
  • Introduce Technology Accelerators
  • Leverage Experts
  • Fast-Track Implementation
  • Provide Ongoing Support
  • Plan the Future