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A case study for the company CaseGlide


CaseGlide Case Study

CaseGlide is the nation’s fastest-growing provider of claims litigation management, reporting, analytics, attorney scorecarding, and legal e-billing software.

CaseGlide’s SaaS platform provides legal departments, staff counsel, and law firms a central hub that eliminates clerical work reduces legal spending and provides key intelligence, and transparency.

They brought us in to help them customize their CRM (we do a lot of customization jobs of off-the-shelf software) and rapidly saw the limitations of the core commercial program. Our applications development expertise and focused approached helped to overcome the challenges, speed up the development and lower the cost by 50%

Read this case study to know how we leveraged our accelerator and created a custom commercial platform around which to build their business.

Fast forward to today and they are seeing rapid adoption of their product and experiencing tremendous growth.