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Employee satisfaction and productivity leads to customer satisfaction.  That translates into a strong foundation for organizational success. But how do you maximize employee satisfaction and productivity? 

Global employment trends are increasing the need for employees to collaborate via remote and geographically-dispersed work groups.  It’s more important than ever that remote employees can connect, create and collaborate as if there is no distance that separates them.

These trends apply regardless of industry, company size or geography.

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So what is needed now? To avoid operational, financial and human resource challenges, organizations must find creative ways to enhance employee engagement, connect people, automate processes, deliver data-driven insights and boost productivity.

The answer: A modern workplace that delivers a personalized employee experience for a hybrid workforce.

But while 95% of organizations around the world agree that a modern workplace is important, only 38% have actually implemented one.  That’s where System Soft Technologies comes in.

Key Aspects of an Effective Digital Workplace Environment (DWE)

A MWE isn’t just a single set of features.  It’s not just cloud-based business applications and email capabilities.  System Soft Technologies modern transformation practice covers the spectrum of how employees interact with the organization and consists of multiple elements.

  • Employee Empowerment
  • Modern Workplace Integration
  • Enablement of Work Across Devices

Employee Empowerment Platform

Are your employees provided the level of personalization in their work environment that they are accustomed to in their personal life (social media, online shopping, news subscriptions, etc.)? 

Are the technology platform and applications provided to employees customizable based on role, location, and language?

Checking both of these boxes enables organizations to:

  • Increase employee collaboration and productivity
  • Increase employee satisfaction and retention
  • Expand the value of current business applications
  • Enhance employee engagement
  • Deliver self-curated employee content whenever and wherever it’s needed
  • Reduce the cost of integrating multiple applications into an employee-friendly interface to facilitate engagement

The most effective employee experience platforms are based on user-customized  design and plug-and -play integration of applications and data. 

The result?  More engaged employees that are enabled with improved connectivity, collaborative leadership, more insightful knowledge management, and analytics that support predictive decision making.

We blend deep knowledge of O365 with personalization platforms (such as Akumina) to quickly enable an employee-curated platform.  Our UX / UI studio resources ensure the employee experience is transformative and compelling to different roles. 

Our skills and experience provides our clients with a foundation for maximizing employee productivity, engagement, and satisfaction, boosting both the top line and the bottom line.

Modern Workplace Integration (MWI)

Are your applications well-integrated and operating in a modern environment that allows for effective maintenance and deployment via DevOps and automation? 

Are they built and deployed in an architecture that allows for scale, integration, interoperability and cloud deployment?

Are the applications adequately secured and can they be scaled for deployment?

Your apps are the digital window through which your employees interact with most of your organization.  It defines what they can do in meeting business objectives, serving clients and adding value to the organization.  So delivering a fully-integrated, seamless environment is a huge deal.

Why?  Well one reason is that organizations that employ the use of a digital workplace and provide an optimized employee experience realize an 87% lower attrition rate and 14% higher employee productivity. 

That’s good for both top line and bottom line growth.

A multi-faceted set of services, SSTech’s MWI practice enables our clients to optimize the workplace through modernization of their application and data environments to get more out of their deployment & adoption, governance, apps & customization.

A focus on optimizing modern workplace integration has helped our clients:

  • Reduce the cost of their internal applications through technology modernization
  • Improve the data and functional integration between their systems to enhance their employee experience and data analytics outcomes

We combine architecture, design and integration skills to empower your team.  We help you aggregate and connect content and data from different tools and platforms into one cohesive experience.

Our focus is on business outcomes, including: workforce collaboration, self-curation, personalization, visualization of data insights and incorporation of employee personas. 

We have the tools and track record on integration and can do the heavy lifting for you.

We have developed a proven DWE architecture that helps our clients tap into the full benefits of a fully integrated workplace.  It includes: 

  • Data Distribution and Consumption (includes operational. reporting, management reporting and BI, advanced analytics, and data-drive applications)
  • Data Warehousing (includes operational data store, data warehouse architecture, and data lake architecture),
  • Data Production and Sourcing (includes operational applications and master data management)
  • Data Infrastructure

Our clients have significantly boosted their ability to build a cohesive, flexible, and extensible DWE by leveraging our experience and expertise to bring all their IT investments together and get the most out of them. 

All with minimal disruption and short timelines.

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