About Case Study

At any given time, thousands of municipalities face the risk
of financial distress due to unforeseen circumstances. See how a no-code early warning system can help detect and prevent financial distress within municipalities.


A No-Code Early Warning System Helps Predict and Prevent Financial Distress

Thousands of municipalities in a region faced financial distress, requiring the Department of Community and Economic Development’s (DCED) assistance. Manual tracking proved inefficient, prompting an RFP for a web-based application. However, vendor responses exceeded the budget and timeline.

System Soft partnered with the DCED, leveraging a no-code development platform to build a customizable solution swiftly. The resulting application, delivered under budget in five months, enables data-driven decisions, saving significant time annually.

System Soft continues to support the application, empowering the DCED to address financial risks and serve communities effectively and proactively. In today’s economy, early detection is paramount. Contact us to safeguard your organization’s future.