About System Soft Technologies

Our primary focus is Critical Thinking, Collaboration and ultimately Success.

Who We Are

Founded in 1999, System Soft Technologies provides cost-effective, innovative IT consulting services and solutions to clients across multiple industries. Throughout our journey, we have been widely recognized for our collaborative, client-centric approach to the business experience, as well as our passion for excellence, both of which have resulted in significant year-on-year growth.

Over the years, System Soft Technologies has greatly expanded the range of our services and solutions products. Using advanced, up-to-date technologies and methodologies, we span a broad spectrum of Information Technology domains, including Application Development and Maintenance, Mobility Solutions, Production Support, Quality Assurance and Testing, Program Governance, Staff Augmentation, and Big Data.

In the Big Data category, SSTech offers agile, adaptive and affordable enterprise solutions based on leading-edge open-source technologies designed to solve complex business problems. To do this, we employ a diverse range of Big Data methodologies, including Analytics, Big Data Strategies, Data Engineering, Data Migration, Data Warehousing, Master Data Management, and Data Governance. These all have as their foundation an advanced “Reference Architecture” which encompasses data acquisition, quality, integration, analysis, and visualization, as well as information engineering.

SSTech has a strong North American presence with its headquarters in Tampa, Florida, branch offices in Santa Clara, California, Herndon, Virginia and Atlanta, Georgia, as well as additional Development Centers in Dallas, Texas and Hyderabad, India. We strategized our office locations to provide a sound, geographically-advantageous platform to aid in the fulfillment of wide-ranging onsite client projects. We also utilize an offsite model that yields cost reduction benefits for our clients. Collectively, we currently employ over seven hundred highly trained professionals.

Our mission is to foster an environment that creates a collaborative business experience for maintainable, long-lasting benefits. We believe our personable approach to understanding our clients’ challenges is key to achieving this mission. Our associates will actively listen and document client objectives to determine a comprehensive business plan, and by cultivating this type of consultative partnership, we achieve success.

Rapid innovation and rapid application development make up the foundation of our business model. Our solutions combine the latest technologies, training, consulting and technical support. Our portfolio consists of products, projects and consulting services. We build innovative products and offer solutions for today’s niche market and dynamic digital environment. We provide strategic and innovative solutions where business and technology converge.

To convert our clients’ business plans into operative results, we maximize the use of proven, leading-edge technologies, our propriety knowledge base, and careful selection of critical alliance partnerships. This ensures fast delivery of secure, user-configurable software solutions that feature intuitive technology, cloud portability, and an extremely competitive cost.

Our Journey

Our Core Values

Everything we do at System Soft Technologies is guided by a strict set of values which have close collaboration with our clients and an over-arching, family-oriented relationship with all of our employees at their forefront. These principles have been at the core of the company’s character since its inception.

At SSTech, our customers’ success is our success. Our talented professionals possess a strong passion and commitment to our customers, and our mission is supported by the following core values, which shape our culture, define our character and guide how we behave.


We believe in steadfastly adhering to professional standards, in matching our behaviors to our words and in remaining honest and fair in all of our dealings.


We hold ourselves accountable for meeting the needs of our customers and believe in taking responsibility for our actions – even when no one is looking.


We know that the best solutions come from working together, leveraging our collective knowledge and sharing experience, resources and opportunities.


We recognize the value of every employee’s contribution and believe that the most effective results occur when every individual understands his or her importance to the team.


We never settle for the status quo and are always on the lookout for new products, systems, markets and processes. We aren’t afraid to try new ideas and suggest better approaches.


We understand the importance of reducing risk, and are committed to creating solutions compliant with customer quality standards as well as all applicable laws and regulations.


We embrace our differences, whether educational, cultural, religious, or ethnic. We foster an inclusive environment and celebrate diversity.


We choose the best people to do our work, implement the best available solutions and always challenge ourselves to find new ways we can improve.


We approach problems with a can-do attitude and believe that a strong conviction of optimism can help overcome any barrier.

Why Choose System Soft Technologies?

Supported by solid core processes and a broad range of competencies, SSTech prides itself on adherence to the following set of core values that pervade everything we do.


A key strength of SSTech’s methodologies is our ability to quickly and efficiently understand the client’s needs, both long- and short-term. Then, we adapt to those needs across the entire spectrum of the project’s tasks.


SSTech employs advanced project and task management best practices (including Agile), and delivers speedy and responsive solutions to the client’s project, regardless of the size of the assignment and shifts in the requirement set.


SSTech is well-known across the industry for a level of aggressiveness in its schedule and project management practices which assure that every client enjoys on-time and on-budget delivery of both services and solutions.

Value Optimization

In all of our services, SSTech prides itself with delivering optimal value for the client’s investment. This is facilitated by our adoption of best practices, reusable templates, team-building techniques superior governance methods, and much more.


Nothing is more important than our reputation as an honest and responsible provider of cost-effective, on-time services and solutions. Across the board, SSTech is committed to the exercise of ethical, sustainable and responsible business practices.


System Soft Technologies’ operations and methodologies employ a global, scaled support structure that is the foundation of our well-known abilities to provide the immediate attention, high-speed response times, and quality required by our clients.

At SSTech, we adhere to the latest standards and process-based project development methodologies. This set of processes and procedures are integral parts of our system, and are leveraged for the smooth execution of large projects. We offer complete lifecycle application management solutions, with excellence in business application implementation, integration, upgrade, and support, as well as provide superior value using our global delivery model. SSTech practices a ‘participative’ approach to projects from ‘start-to-finish’. Direct collaboration with our clients regarding critical project requirements ensures total customer satisfaction.

We can help you effectively deploy a combination of portals, business intelligence, and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) platforms to provide integration solutions that unify people, processes, and information.

Motivated by success with our 'clear customer focus', we help our clients get the most out of their software investments by leveraging our deep relationships with enterprise software leaders. Developing re-usable software and methodologies that offer significant cost benefits over typical software solutions is a tradition at System Soft Technologies.

Through our secure, process-driven 'global development centers', we are able to deliver reliable, cost effective solutions to our clients. With a rich history of application development for our software partners and joint customers, we build and test all products as well as specialize in their implementation and support.

What We Do

System Soft Technologies delivers the highest quality products possible to our customers through our extensive expertise, a broad range of services, and advanced industry solutions. These include:

System Soft Technologies delivers sustainable results such as enterprise agility, process capability, supply chain efficiency and customer relationships to our customers by aligning Information Technology with ‘customer business processes’. We partner with clients across multiple industries to provide ‘business transformation’ through advanced technologies and methodologies.

Legacy Technologies


Mature Technologies

Java, J2EE, .Net, VB, VC++, XHTML, Win Forms, Oracle, Crystal Reports, XML, Dash Boards, AJAX, SQL SERVER, MYSQL.

'New Age' Technologies.

.Net 4.6, .NET Core, Tableau, REST, WCF, WPF, AWS, TIBCO, SOA, AS3, Ruby on Rails, DSS, Angular JS, MongoDB.

In our development practice our specialists have a strong commitment to:   Customer’s Business Goals (TCO, ROI, EVA), Security, Simplicity, Open Standards & Open Source, SOA – Easier Innovation and Management of Business Processes, 3-bility: Scalability, Reliability, Extensibility, State-of-the-art concepts (Web 2.0, Web 3.0)

    We provide a variety of Information Technology services and solutions that anticipate, recognize, and respond to all customer needs, opportunities, and concerns. The following are a few of the principles in which this commitment is based.

    • Assure that the client’s staff find technology services accessible, usable, and powerful
    • Help create a workforce that is unified and goal-oriented by providing easy-to-use-technology infrastructure
    • Identify resources and strategies need to establish normalization of technological platforms
    • Facilitate strategic planning through the analysis and dissemination of information throughout the organization
    • Achieve optimum use of new technologies by establishing effective working relationships with technological partners
    • Support the client’s business mission with a team-oriented technical which possesses excellent communications skills

    Critical Thinking. Collaboration. Success.

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