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Connect Data and Analytics to Business Value with LensIQ

LensIQ powered by Elysium Analytics is a cloud native, SaaS application built for modern enterprise businesses. System Soft Technologies’ dynamic marketing attribution hub enables your organization to orchestrate and capture insights from multi-channel marketing programs, so you can holistically track and measure ROI by campaign. Real-time data insights help inform you about campaign optimization and target highly relevant audiences. 

With LensIQ, you can connect data and analytics to business value and improve targeting to increase conversions from your marketing campaigns. 


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Many marketers are challenged by spending time to find, compile and organize data so they can highlight the results of their marketing efforts. 

 Now, you can achieve an enterprise-wide, strategic view of your overall marketing performance across all channels and improve your customers’ journey with targeted decision-making insights using LensIQ. 

Inform campaign optimization and target highly relevant audiences:

  • Access an enterprise, strategic view of overall marketing performance while reducing the cost, time, and complexity of consolidating data
  • Utilize a single point of view to see your customer behavior across different channels
  • Increase revenue and maximize ROI with a 360- degree view of the customer
  • Enhance your strategic approach with omnichannel analytics
  • Target and segment your customers using in-depth insights​
  • Build a healthy lifetime value for the customer with personalization
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Data and analytics play a significant role optimizing marketing campaign performance and helping you understand and personalize your customer journey. 

LensIQ takes a singular approach using omnichannel analytics, connecting your data to essential business value. 

Unique Capabilities:

  • Enterprise Model
  • Customizable Integrations and Unique Connectors
  • User/Role Based Dashboards
  • Automated Insights
  • Leads Management
  • Predictive Lead Scoring