Ask an Expert

No-Code Solutions

Easily Improve Workflow Automations with No-Code Solutions

Recorded Live: 7.28.20222:00PM ET

Is your organization having a hard time keeping up with rapidly changing technology? Don’t have enough resources to stay agile? RFP process too long and tedious?

A no-code solution may be the answer!

Digital User Experience (UX)

The Hidden Cost of Bad UX

Recorded Live: 4.14.20222:00PM ET

Based on research and discussion with clients, System Soft Technologies’ UX experts will address some of the most common misconceptions and assumptions organization’s make when creating a digital experience for its customers and employees.

Omnichannel Analytics

Connecting Data to Business Value for Both Sales and Marketing

Recorded Live: 3.29.20222:00PM ET

Experts will engage both sales and marketing leaders and their teams to learn how to connect data to meaningful insights and business value with omnichannel analytics, which can help leaders answer critical questions and make informed decisions to improve campaigns.

Cloud Security

You Have Your Secure Score, Now What?

Recorded Live: 3.3.20222:00PM ET

In the second episode, our experts walk you through how to gain a deeper understanding of your Secure Score, how to improve your score through taking recommended actions and how to maximize your organization’s Microsoft license investment.

Secure Score for Microsoft 365 + Defender | Why Should I Care?

Recorded Live: 2.17.20222:00PM ET

Following Secure Score recommendations can protect your organization from security threats. From a centralized dashboard in the M365 Defender portal, your organization can monitor and bolster the security of its M365 identities, apps and devices.

Intelligent Automation

Leveraging Ai Decision Engines to Accelerate RPA

Recorded Live: 11.18.202111:00AM ET

Poor decisions are very costly to organizations each year. Intelligent automation lets you build visual models of your smartest employees’ thought processes, then uses these models to automate decision making at rates typically 100x faster and 25% more accurate, with full explainability.


Why Compliance Is Not Security: Top Financial Sector Cyber Security Threats

Recorded Live: 10.21.2021

What can financial institutions do to proactively protect themselves against cyber attacks? Instead of reacting, watch what our security experts have to say. They discuss vulnerabilities and cyber threats affecting financial institutions today and what financial institutions are doing to protect sensitive data and applications and keep a trustworthy reputation.

Healthcare Cyber Security Vulnerabilities: What You Need to Know

Recorded Live: 10.07.2021

System Soft’s Cyber Security Experts Mark Imhoff, Ed Ober, Craig Wilson and Security Compliance Associates’ Ethical Hacker Collis Dunwoody discuss today’s healthcare vulnerabilities, common threats on healthcare organizations and what they can do to protect sensitive data and applications and keep a trustworthy reputation.


Modern Supply Chain Digitization with iPaaS Integrations

Recorded Live: 09.30.2021

Integration experts, Som Hiremath, Integration Practice lead at System Soft Technologies, and Barry Gerdsen, Senior Solution Architect at Dell Boomi, address the supply chain challenges of procurement process, shipment status, supply chain visibility and real-time analytics.

Modern Workplace

The Future of Work Enabled With Microsoft Teams: Part 2

Recorded Live: 09.09.2021

In this episode, our Modern Workplace experts examine how the integration of applications and customizations of Teams can benefit organizational shift to the hybrid workplace.

The Future of Work Enabled With Microsoft Teams: Part 1

Recorded Live: 08.27.2021

Our experts Hank Lea and Whitney Church explain what a hybrid workplace model means to your organization, including how Microsoft Teams is an essential tool for your future workforce and how these efforts translate into better business outcomes.


Ransomeware: Critical Steps You Must Take Now to Ensure Your Organization Isn’t the Next Headline

Recorded Live: 07.29.2021

Our cyber security experts share experiences from the field and explore the critical steps you must take to ensure your organization isn’t the next ransomware hostage.

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, projected to cost organizations up to $20 billion in 2021. It’s estimated there’s a potential 65,000 more ransomware attacks expected by this year’s end. Don’t be the next cyber attack headline.

Intelligent Automation

Why Compliance Is Not Security: Top Financial Sector Cyber Security Threats

Recorded Live: 07.15.2021

In this episode, our experts explore the possibilities and answer the question: “How does an organization start its IDP journey?” Watch and listen to Thomas Helfrich, VP Intelligent Automation (System Soft Technologies), and Micah Smith, Director–Developer Evangelism (Automation Anywhere).

Hyperautomation and the Human in the Loop

Recorded Live: 07.01.2021

We explore the possibilities and answer the question: Can AI and automation be humanized?
Watch and listen to our experts With Thomas Helfrich, VP Intelligent Automation (System Soft Technologies), and Micah Smith, Director-Developer Evangelism (Automation Anywhere)

Robotic Process Automation

Recorded Live: 06.17.2021

Watch as our AI experts Thomas Helfrich and Micah Smith discuss scaling automation initiatives through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and answer the questions: What does it look like for an organization to really scale its automation initiatives? How do we bring automation into an organization and make it available everywhere with the democratization of automation?