December 9, 2021

Gain 360 Degree View Across all Marketing Channels

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Satish Abburi, CTO, Elysium Analytics & Krishna Kolluru, Dir. MarTech & Strategy, System Soft Technologies

About this talk

Gain a 360-degree view across all channels, personalizing the customer journey and ROI analysis.

Digitalization has elevated the importance of a data-driven marketing model. It integrates the customer journey across channels to capture share of voice and achieve conversions.

Full channel integration and personalization are critical factors for reaching success with omnichannel marketing.

The goal for B2B enterprises is to coordinate all customer touchpoints and channels with personalized and relevant content, moving the customer through the sales funnel.

Tracking engagements across these touchpoints and capturing insights along the journey are essential for nurturing prospects and building customer loyalty.

In addition, channel insights and customer intelligence empower enterprise marketers with the data they need to justify marketing spend and optimize return on ad spend (ROAS).

System Soft’s Technologies’ LensIQ, powered by Elysium Analytics, is a marketing attribution hub built for modern enterprise businesses. It enables organizations to orchestrate and capture insights from multichannel marketing programs, and holistically track and measure ROI by the campaign.

Watch this webinar on how our Enterprise Marketing Attribution Hub connects your data and analytics to business value, ​and improves your targeting to increase conversions, providing insights for:

  • Integrated, multichannel intelligence across marketing platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Customer journey insights
  • Campaign performance with drill-down intelligence
  • Marketing investments and ROAS

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