Achieving Observability for Security at 80% Reduced Cost

How Innominds gained full security coverage at less cost and unified observability with Elysium Analytics

Every organization running software has at least the most basic level of observability. That comes thanks to longtime friends, log data.

Value of Observability

Observability helps cross-functional teams understand and answer specific questions about what’s happening in highly distributed systems.

A key measure of observability is how well you can answer: “Why did this happen?” And that’s without needing to ask additional questions, such as:

  • What is slow?
  • What is broken?
  • What needs to be done?

What’s more, observability is critical to organizations given the environments they are currently operating, such as:

  • Implementing rapid digital transformation
  • Carrying out business and operational models (63% of CIOs say the complexity of their cloud environment has surpassed human ability to manage, according to the 2020 Global CIO Report)
  • Shifting to remote workforces (64% of Americans are working from home, according to SHRM COVID-19 Business Index)
  • Increasing dependency on technology ($4.8 million per year is the average cost of IT and cloud operations teams’ manual tasks to keep the lights on, according to the 2020 Global CIO Report)
  • Intensifying cybersecurity threats
  • Requiring more business data (60% of 175 zettabytes of data will be created and managed by organizations by 2025, according to IDC Data Age 2025)

And let’s not forget with limited insights, there’s a profound impact on user productivity and user experiences. Not to mention it increases uncertainties. All told, insights are compromised without observability.

Without access to all your data, you limit your ability to know when something is wrong within the infrastructure and lack full context to understand why.

To improve observability, it’s important to focus on proactive solutions. Just like Innominds did.

Young female data engineer working on Observability coding with multiple desktops.

Case of Innominds

While data volume, variety and velocity made by systems and users have grown and the complexities of modern cloud applications have made the old ways of monitoring and managing apps inefficient with many visibility gaps, demands are quickly moving past monitoring and simple troubleshooting, compliance and basic reporting toward holistic observability across an enterprise network.

And as machine-generated data grows, so is the cost of ingesting data.

The lack of scalability, high operational overhead, expensive storage and license models of legacy solutions are driving up overall cost.

Organizations like Innominds, an artificial intelligence-first, platform-led digital transformation and full cycle product engineering services organization in San Jose, find themselves compromising on what data to collect and for how long to keep it.

Enter the Elysium Analytics platform, built on Snowflake. By taking a data-first approach to observability, it helps cross-functional teams grasp and answer questions on what’s going on in highly distributed systems. This is done by collecting and keeping all telemetry to explore, analyze, visualize and share data in one scalable data store.

With this no-compromise solution, data collection and storage are not limiting factors.

Using Elysium Analytics, Innominds overcame its data and observability challenges and achieved its goals. This infographic lays out Innominds needs, the solution and the results from implementing Elysium Analytics.

Achieving observability for security Infographic.

[Watch the on-demand webinar: Achieving Observability for Security at 80% Reduced Cost]

Watch the Webinar

Elysium Analytics, a product of System Soft Technologies, offers an entire host of capabilities to help organizations achieve full observability.

Basically, Elysium Analytics:

  • Lowers the costs of data collection, storage and operational overhead
  • Provides observability at scale with a view across applications, networks and infrastructure
  • Enables deeper insights with advanced analytics and search
  • Improves time to remediation with faster answers and better workflows

You can discover how Innominds gained full security at less cost and unified observability from Arun Kalasapudi, Innominds’ Director of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances. Just watch the free, on-demand webinar.

[Watch the on-demand webinar: Achieving Observability for Security at 80% Reduced Cost]

Young female data engineer working on observability platform with desktop from office.


After you watch the on-demand webinar, find out how System Soft and Elysium Analytics can help your organization identify opportunities to optimize your data architecture, reduce costs and achieve unified observability.

All it takes is a QuickStrike Assessment. Learn more about System Soft’s Data Analytics Solutions and schedule your QuickStrike.

About the Author: Jens Andreassen

Jens Andreassen is the CEO at Elysium Analytics, a leading cloud-scale data warehouse running on Snowflake and a product of System Soft Technologies. With more than 25 years of global sales and business development experience and more than 15 years working with leading enterprise security corporations, Jens leads Elysium Analytics, which provides full text search, operational and security dashboards, using machine learning analytics and models.