Delivering a Differentiated Customer Experience in 90 Days

We were thinking the other day: What creative and productive accomplishments can you do in less than 90 days?

Some of the responses were:

  • Plant a garden, weed it and harvest certain vegetables. (Facts.)
  • Write a novel. (Likely for just the most prose worthy among us.)
  • Or even build a four-bedroom home from scratch. (Hammer and nails included!)

But then, here’s a thought that really resonates with UX/UI developers and business leaders: You can learn how to combine user centered design with powerful automation to drive top-line revenue across channels.

This innovative, technological blend enables your organization to move faster, drive efficiency, reduce costs and deliver accurate, personal experiences to both your prospects and customers.

So, yes, in less than 90 days, you can also start attracting and converting more prospects, delight customers and turn skeptics into brand ambassadors.

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Customer experience graphical globe

Supporting User Behavior

Nowadays, without a doubt, your customers are accustomed to and demand a great user experience (UX). And that’s regardless of their preferred channel of interaction. Often that spans the web, call centers, social media platforms, emails and texts.

Studies report, numbers show and people say, they want a personalized and compelling experience across any of their devices at any time. But unfortunately, not every organization has a customer experience that’s intuitive, personalized and consistent across all devices and channels.

This leads to those companies typically experiencing poor conversion rates. Less than optimal returns on marketing initiatives. And high customer attrition, along with brand equity issues.

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We graphically lay out for you here the impact and value of good, if not great, UX:

User Experience infographic
User experience infographic

Overcoming UX/UI Shortfalls

The conundrum is most organizations are aware the delivery of a compelling user experience is a critical form of customer engagement. Of course, that’s crucial to business growth and profitability.

Yet, three fundamental blockers prevent the creation of UX and UI at scale. They are the absence of automation, acceleration and a lack of resources. Simply put, digital customer projects take way too long and cost way too much.

Well, here’s a secret that’s not so secret anymore.

Using automation tools and user centered design can help translate your vision into code easier and faster, elevating the user experience in less than 90 days.

UX team working app layouts sketches on white paper and from laptop


When, on average, every dollar invested in UX and UI brings $100 in ROI (Forrester), you cannot ignore how powerful automation and nimble user design help you move faster, boost scarce resources, and save costs in UX design and UI development.

Ready to get on board?

System Soft Technologies (SSTech) invites you to watch an on-demand webinar to get you going down the path of rolling out an elevated user experience now.

You will get deep insights and recommendations. And we reveal case studies about leading companies of every size and in every industry using automation and a user centered design process to move faster, reduce dependency on scarce resources, and save costs in the UX design and UI development process, creating a UX/UI process at scale.

It’s an eye-opening opportunity to see our UX human expertise and efficient UX process in action.

By watching this webinar, IT pros can discover how advanced tools, automation and UX expertise are being leveraged to:

  • Accelerate UX research and have better outcomes based on a deep understanding of user needs.
  • Streamline UX design and enhance collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Transition UX design artifacts into UI code, which can be built once, yet delivered into multiple channels and device formats without modification.
  • Test front and back-end functions and features across an exponential set of consumer consumption scenarios, spanning diverse device types, operating systems and browsers.

[Watch webinar: Delivering a Differentiated Customer Experience in 90 Days]

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About the Author: Imran Riaz

As Head of UX at System Soft Technologies, Imran engages with customers to best understand their needs, values, abilities, context and limitations, then delivers outcomes that are innovative and delightful. As a global UX executive and thought leader, he fuses customer perspectives with business goals, technology and value creation.