How Does Superior User Experience Drive Your Business?

Do you want to create more customers while building a successful brand? At SSTech, we believe that great businesses are built on well-crafted user experiences.

The Importance of Superior User Experience for Business

In the age of digital transformation, we believe engaging user experience (UX) is how any business stays competitive. It’s a practice that extends to your online presence, applications, and technologies to make them as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. User experience is the “science behind the design”. It’s heavily rooted in human psychology and behavior patterns, which adapted from analog to digital to keep pace with the digital transformation age.

It helps to consider that a website is more than a page that exists like an island on the Internet. A great website is one that is easy to use and engage with. Does the site answer visitor’s questions quickly? Can the visitor buy something in just a few clicks? Is the entire experience intuitive and easy to navigate? Effective website design is seamless, allowing the user to make smart decisions while addressing their pain points and concerns.

The Foundation of Well-Crafted UX

Our philosophy is that understanding your users equals a superior experience when it comes to their satisfaction. As your business grows and the focus is more on customer acquisition, retention, and conversion, UX should be the backbone of your online presence.

When it comes to making a lasting impression on the user, we break it down to the Why, What, and How:

Well crafted UX infographic

Why is Great User Experience Important for Business?

Next, are two key indicators of the success of an organization’s digital strategy: superior UX and its predecessor, user interface (UI). UI refers to anything a user may interact with as part of the online experience. This may include computer monitors and touchscreens, buttons and keyboards, as well as sounds and lights. The tactile and visual elements of UI created the foundation for UX. Once there was a tangible product for users to interact with as part of a user interface, their experience- positive, negative, or neutral influenced users.

Here are some examples of why these practices should be a priority for your business:

Websites– A study from Forrester Research showed that a well-designed user interface could raise website conversion rates by up to 200% while an effective UX design can boost conversion rates by up to 400%.

Mobile App- When it comes to good user experience, it has been found that 62% of users will uninstall an app that doesn’t work well and 21% of users will delete an app because of its poor visual design and/or user experience, meaning, they didn’t like the look of the app from the first screen.

Abstract image of mobile showing graphs and user profile

eCommerce- Online consumers expect instant gratification. 52% of online shoppers report that quick page loading (3 seconds or less) affects their loyalty to a site, so, a satisfying user experience, in turn, leads to loyal customers and higher conversions.

Content Management Systems- It has been found that 82% of consumers find relevant content from company blogs enjoyable and 70% of consumers learn about a company through their blog, rather than ads. These statistics prove the significance of content organized by a content management system (CMS) that is easily handled to the needs of a content manager.

When it comes to the intertwining of marketing/branding/graphics with user experience, an organization should always consider the aesthetic presentation of its online presence. 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the layout is unattractive. A website should be user-friendly as well as marketable both to internal and external audiences. The brand value and reputation reflect the personality of the business, which will develop into an efficient UI and engaging UX. 

What is a Successful User Experience?

The dynamics of interaction with customers is constantly changing . It’s expected that by 2020, customer experience will trump both price and product as the most valuable brand differentiator.

At SSTech, we are experts in superior UX that consists of marketing the value of your online presence, the usability and functionality of the site, and the adaptability of the site to different devices. We ensure that your organization’s site is easy to navigate with aesthetically pleasing design and consistent branding that attracts, engages, and encourages loyal customers.

Is your Business Ready for a Digital Transformation?

The digital revolution has forever changed UX. No organization will survive if treated as an island in a crowded marketplace where consumers have short attention spans and expect instant gratification from user-friendly and engaging websites. The practice of creating attractive UIs has evolved from analog to digital, setting the stage for thoughtful UX.

As user preferences become more sophisticated, we have grown and adapted our services in website and mobile app design, eCommerce platforms, content management systems, and marketing, branding, and graphics services to stay on the cutting edge.

Let us help you deliver a superior experience to your users. An experience that differentiates your organization in the marketplace, engages the user, boosts conversion rates, and communicates your brand effectively and purposefully.