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About Robotic Process Automation

June 17, 2021 @ 2:00 pm 2:30 pm

LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live Event Description 

Intelligent automation experts Thomas Helfrich, Vice President, Intelligent Automation at System Soft Technologies, and Micah Smith, Director – Developer Evangelism at Automation Anywhere, share their insights on how to scale automation initiatives with Robotic Process Automation

The experts answered common questions, such as: 

  • How do you implement the democratization of automation
  • What are the benefits of automation initiatives through RPA
  • What does it look like for an organization to really scale its automation initiatives
  • How do you bring automation into an organization and make it available everywhere

Listen to them about the incredible boost of intelligent automation, or hyperautomation, in the world today and what democratization of that means. 

Micah Smith defines Robotic Process Automation and explained why every organizational group must participate in robotic process automation. That means setting up bot shells, development, error handling, logging standards, and then giving access to everyone. 

Watch the video to know how to get people to participate with bots and how bots engage with humans, with bots and humans working side by side more seamlessly. More people are participating in automation initiatives rather than just select groups.  

The RPA experts believe the democratization of RPA is going to happen because everything is now available in the cloud, the cost of licenses is reasonable, training, and more. 

Technology is available to people who may not understand the underlying technology, such as natural language processing. We make natural language processing available to people who may not have a background in building their own machine learning models; but by doing the training, they can take advantage of pre-built machine learning. 

Democratization of RPA and automation initiatives allow humans to interact with bots. And that’s important because humans and bots working side by side is where we see the future of automation going. It’s not going to be just bots running off of a schedule, but it’s being able to go back and forth between bots.