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Human-Centric Hyperautomation and RPA

July 1, 2021 @ 11:00 am 11:30 am

LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live Event Description 

In this video, AI experts Thomas Helfrich, VP of Intelligent Automation, System Soft Technologies, and Micah Smith, Director – Developer Evangelism at Automation Anywhere, explore hyperautomation and RPA and answer the question: Can AI and automation be humanized? 

The discussion is about hyperautomation and RPA and how to keep automation human-centric. 

These intelligent automation experts answer questions, such as: 

  • How do you humanize automation and keep a human in the loop
  • What is artificial intelligence? 
  • What is robotic process automation? 

Robotic process automation is the automating of repetitive rule-based tasks and merging those with the capabilities of machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Intelligent automation, or hyperautomation, is the sweet spot, where ML and AI can combine and use bots. These bots can leverage the capabilities of machine learning and artificial intelligence to help make better decisions for projects and tasks like intelligent document processing or approving a mortgage loan. 

The panel discussed that there are lots of opportunities for these two technologies to be used together. Automation solutions, when combined with process and people, enable the acceleration of a person to successfully complete tasks, but not replace them. 

Hyperautomation with RPA keeps humans in the loop. When organizations use humans and bots together, they embrace greater processes and end-to-end process automation, as opposed to just task automation. 

The benefits of keeping people in the loop through hyperautomation: 

  • Reduces the risk in AI models 
  • Empowers faster decision-making 
  • Removes noise and bias 

During this LinkedIn Live event, the experts talked about what the future for automation will be, how AI is used, how we use intelligent automation and why keeping humans in the loop is so important. 

Some of the industries that can benefit from using hyperautomation are banking and health care, with processes for credit cards, billing, a suggestion of certain drugs, and applications of different medical procedures.