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Achieving Observability for Security at 80% Reduced Cost

May 25, 2021 @ 2:00 pm 3:00 pm


Webinar Description

In this webinar, Jens Andreassen CEO, Elysium Analytics, Christopher Berry Director of Analytics, Elysium Analytics, and Arun Kalasapudi, Director of Partnerships, Innominds, talk about how Innominds gained full security coverage at less cost and unified observability with Elysium Analytics.

Data volume, variety, and velocity made by systems and users have grown. Complexities of modern cloud applications have made the old ways of monitoring and managing apps inefficient with many visibility gaps. Demands are quickly moving past monitoring and simple troubleshooting, compliance, and basic reporting toward holistic observability across an enterprise network.

As machine-generated data grows, so is the cost of ingesting data. Lack of scalability, high operational overhead, expensive storage, and license models of legacy solutions are driving up the overall costs. Companies now must compromise on what data to collect and for how long to keep it.

Without access to all your data, you limit your ability to know when something is wrong within the infrastructure and lack the full context to understand why.

Elysium Analytics platform, built on Snowflake, takes a data-first approach to observability. It helps cross-functional teams grasp and answer questions on what is going on in highly distributed systems. This is done by collecting and keeping all telemetry to explore, analyze, visualize and share data in one scalable data store. With this no-compromise solution, data collection and storage are not limiting factors.

Join us to hear from Innominds about its data and observability for security challenges and how our platform helped to achieve its goals. We will give a live demo of how Elysium Analytics helped Innominds:

  • Achieve full security coverage at 80% less cost.
  • Build a modern data collection pipeline with pre-built data connectors for faster onboarding.
  • Enable all telemetry to be collected and kept.
  • Support more endpoint detection and response (EDR) use cases.
  • Get full-stack observability at scale.
  • Gain deeper insights across the application, network, and infrastructure.