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Senior Business Leaders working on Embrace a Low Code / No Code Platform.

Why Senior Business Leaders Need to Embrace a Low-Code / No-Code Platform Now

These are difficult times for executives as they look to forge sustainable business models that can adapt to the reality of prospects, customers and employees being home-bound . . .

Teams app open on mobile screen and work table with reports

Optimize Your Organization with Microsoft Teams and Conquer the Next Crisis

The last few decades have unfortunately seen the advent of multiple crises, each with different causation spanning health (pandemic), economic (mortgage melt-down), and . . .

graphical image of ma stepping on year 2020 to 2021

The 6 Critical Technologies You Need for the Post-Pandemic Economy

COVID-19 has precipitated an economic crisis that is forcing companies to confront uncertainty like never before. How to align operating costs with a dwindling top line . . .

Happy employee using e cart shopping website and making a payment from his bank card.

The Future of Digital Customer Experience

Exceptional customer experiences are the expectation in 2020. Zoom, Netflix, Apple, Amazon and other category leaders know this and have built strong business models . . .

top-view-photo-of-employee-working on-wooden-table

Drive Employee Productivity with Digital Workplaces

Providing a collaborative platform for employee engagement and productivity has never been more important than now. Global health concerns are forcing organizations to try . . .

Employees working on open source software development.

Open Source vs Custom: Choosing the Best AppDev Approach

With the growing popularity of open source, many app developers face the question of whether to go that route or build with custom code. There are pros and cons to each. . . .

NMSDC conference

A Modern Approach to Application Development Driven by Digital Transformation

Application development used to be relatively simple. You built one application to solve one problem that users accessed through one type of interface on one type of device. Today, organizational innovation as fueled by digital transformation has completely changed this model. In this webinar learn how to use the transformative technology and accelerate innovation in app development.