January 28, 2020

A Modern Approach to Application Development Driven by Digital Transformation

Presented by

Steve Moritz, Chief Digital Officer; Ashok Yarlagadda, Chief Information Officer

About this talk

Application development used to be relatively simple. You built one application to solve one problem that users accessed through one type of interface on one type of device.

Requirements, data types, and formats were all pretty static. Development was linear and predictable. Skill sets/expertise of developers and user expectations were well-defined, not too diverse, and stable.

Today, organizational innovation as fueled by digital transformation has completely changed this model. A tremendous variety of users (internal and external) demand an experience that delivers flexible functionality accessible across a number of interfaces, using a plethora of access pathways (cloud, mobile devices, and apps, wearables, digital assistants, browsers).

Their needs/expectations are fluid and the applications built must accommodate a much wider spectrum of requirements. For organizations to service their customers effectively in this new environment, many are turning outside app dev services to augment their in-house capabilities.

These services are turning the traditional model on its head and providing valuable capabilities and capacity to deliver business agility.

In this webinar learn

  • How to use this innovative model to deliver transformative technology and accelerate innovation
  • What is appdev outsourcing and what are the characteristics of organizations that should leverage it
  • What are the typical business benefits of these services
  • How should an organization get started and determine the optimum service solution and provider
  • What’s the future for appdev services?