April 28, 2020

The Future of Digital Customer Experience

Presented by

Steve Moritz, Chief Digital Officer, System Soft Technologies; Andrew Vincent, Creative Director, System Soft Technologies

About this talk

Exceptional future of digital customer experiences are the expectation in 2020. Zoom, Netflix, Apple, Amazon, and other category leaders know this and have built strong business models around customer experience best practices.

Personalized interfaces across all channels and devices presented with simplicity and speed are now table stakes. Doesn’t sound like a revenue-driver or key differentiator? How often have you decided to use a service or buy from a company because of a seamless customer experience across physical and digital channels?

Positive experiences lead to a positive perception of the product and company, loyalty and word of mouth. That’s why companies that emphasize a robust future of digital customer experience (CX):

  • Average 60% more profitability than their competitors
  • Have dedicated budgets for automating their customer experience to enhance customer insights
  • Were 3-times more likely to achieve their goals in 2019 (Econsultancy)
  • Know that 60% of loyalty is based on CX (and not brand or price) (Gartner)
  • Understand that two-thirds of consumers find a positive brand experience more influential in their buying decisions than great advertising (PwC)
  • Make artificial intelligence a high priority and 36% are already using it to enhance CX (Econsultancy)
  • To enhance CX, are more than 9X likely to integrate data from multiple sources, analyze customer interactions across channels, and engage customers across channels (Pointillist)
  • Invest in truly understanding customers via customer data platforms and real-time decision engines (Pega)

But how do you budget for and measure CX? What are the right ways to prioritize and manage your company’s CX efforts? Which technologies should you use? What are the current and future trends you should consider or implement?

We’re going to answer these questions and other related questions on April 28 with some experts that are happy to share best practices and go over some real-life examples.