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Conquer The Cloud and Cloud Costs with Ease

October 5, 2021 @ 2:00 pm 3:00 pm


Webinar Description

In this insightful video, cloud experts Don Bilbrey, Senior Cloud Architect at System Soft Technologies, and David Bloom, Microsoft Cloud Sales Engineer at Synnex, discuss how organizations can achieve compliance and manage costs in the cloud, with a unified view. 

In this webinar, IT leaders learn how System Soft helped customers overcome challenges of:

  • No detailed cost and usage reports; no historical data for accurate forecasting and capacity planning; no unifying access controls in a simple dashboard.
  • No view of monthly spending, tracking anomalies and holding teams accountable.
  • No clarity of policy violations and visualized relationships between cloud resources and risk severity.
  • No accountability without multi-cloud reports and custom dashboards segmented by line of business.

These cloud experts talked about critical topics and answered vital questions like: 

  1. What are the costs in the cloud? 
  2. How can an organization manage the cost savings out of the cloud itself? 
  3. Security compliance in the cloud 
  4. Generate accurate reporting 
  5. Solutions to manage cloud costs with ease 

Successfully adopting cloud comes down to how your IT team chooses to strategize and execute cloud migration and then optimize it. There are many complexities, and it can be a daunting process. But with a secure cost governance framework in place, your organization can easily conquer cloud costs. 

Learn how smart organizations achieve compliance and manage cost in the cloud with a unified view. CFOs are shocked over recent cloud bills.

During a six-month period last year, 30% of IT pros report a 50% increase in monthly cloud bills. Others saw theirs double. Yet, organizations must get what they pay for to meet compliance obligations.

A solution is better monitoring and alerting.

Through case studies about top performers conquering cloud management challenges to stay compliant, secure, and on budget, we will explore an innovative cloud management system and share the advantages of building granular visibility into cloud environments. You will learn how to:

  • Discover departments, teams, projects, or apps accountable for driving cloud consumption and hold them liable via IT chargeback or showback.
  • Track patterns over time to accurately forecast future budgets and reduce miscalculations.
  • Ensure lines of business follow budget guidelines, proactively alerting stakeholders when cost centers exceed predefined budgets or detect spending anomalies.
  • Use a dynamic policy engine to automate cost-saving practices, building governance policies to monitor environments for opportunities and proactively reduce wasted spending.
  • Establish organizational standards, while enabling flexibility through exceptions and policy customization.

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