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Modern Supply Chain Digitization with iPaaS Integrations

September 30, 2021 @ 11:00 am 11:30 am

LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live Event Description 

Watch this insightful and engaging episode about modern supply chain digitization through iPaaS integrations with System Soft Technologies and Boomi. 

The supply chain integration experts discussed everything from challenges in the supply chain to how digital integrations can be an effective solution.  

How does supply chain management face challenges in the retail, life science, pharmaceutical, transportation, and logistics industries?

Barry Gerdsen, Senior Solution Architect at Boomi, said that at a high level, there is less certainty about the economic environment right now. In some cases, the supply chain has been broken due to the pandemic, and businesses are now investigating ways to make them more resilient. 

The bad news is that with resiliency comes some additional complexity and costs. So now more than ever the supply chain industry needs to be able to track what drives the costs of products and have the tools necessary to be able to analyze these costs. 

What are some of the pain points in supply chain integration and digitization? 

Som Hiremath, Integration Practice Lead at System Soft Technologies, mentioned that there are different functions of the supply chain like purchasing, manufacturing, inventory management, demand planning warehouse, transportation, and customer services. Each function in supply chain digitization can face challenges. He addressed the pain points point by answering questions like: 

  • How can you sell products and manage orders within a single platform that is transparent and understood by all participants in this ecosystem? 
  • How will you fulfill orders from different distribution channels and models and avoid customer confusion? 
  • How will you ensure that cash is collected in a timely manner so that financial reporting is accurate? 
  • How do you overcome and automate these challenges in the supply chain industry?   

Watch the video to get more relevant insights into: 

  • Mitigating supply chain risk 
  • Analyzing information to make good decisions 
  • Having real-time data handy from multiple sources 
  • Combining internal and external data that help make intelligent decisions 
  • Reducing the cost of raw materials 

Supply chain digitization and integration with the iPaaS platform and tools connect the various participants and automate the processes, people, and devices. 

The integration experts discussed the 4 reasons why supply chain digitization with iPaaS is an important solution. 

  1. Better customer experience 
  1. Dashboard insights to make sure statuses are in real-time 
  1. Mitigate risks  
  1. Cost-effective 

Download the white paper on “Understanding iPaaS“. You can also watch the webinar on “Accelerate Supply Chain Digitization with Modern API-Led Integration