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Connecting Data to Business Value for Sales and Marketing

March 29, 2021 @ 2:00 pm 2:30 pm

LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live Event Description

In this insightful video, experts Krishna Kolluru, Director, Marketing Technology and Strategy at Systems Soft Technologies, and Satish Abburi, CTO at Elysium Analytics, discuss how to connect data to business value for both sales and marketing through omnichannel analytics. 

Data and analytics play a significant role in optimizing your marketing campaign performance and empowering you to understand and personalize the customer journey. However, many marketers are challenged by spending time to find, compile and organize data so they can highlight results. Both sales and marketing teams also struggle with connecting data to meaningful insights and business value

Omnichannel analytics can help sales and marketing leaders answer vital questions and make more informed decisions to improve their campaigns.  

What are the current challenges in data and analytics?

The current challenges in data and analytics are : 

  1. A data-driven marketing strategy, placing the right data at the center. 
  1. Choosing the right platform to capture all data. 
  1. Integrating all data and making it available to everyone. 
  1. Understanding the customer journey. 

The key is getting a 360-degree view of data and integrating the right technologies. 

Watch this video to better understand the importance of omnichannel analytics, a 360-degree view of data, and how you can really personalize the experience for your customer. 

What you will learn: 

  • Major challenges your organization may face in using marketing analytics to their fullest potential 
  • How you can maintain a sole source of marketing truth 
  • The impact of meaningful insights and business value on your organization 
  • The top items to consider when you invest in a Marketing Attribution Hub 

Experts engage both sales and marketing leaders and their teams to learn how to connect data to meaningful insights and business value with omnichannel analytics, which can help leaders answer critical questions and make informed decisions to improve campaigns.