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Leveraging Ai Decision Engines to Accelerate RPA

November 18, 2021 @ 11:00 am 11:30 am

LinkedIn Live

Linkedin Live Event Description

In this insightful video, Intelligent Automation experts Thomas Helfrich, Systems Soft Technologies, and James Duez, Chief Executive Officer at Rainbird, talk about how to use Ai decision engines to accelerate RPA. 

Why do organizations need Ai decision engines? 

An Ai inference engine is a technology that combines business logic and data to automate complex business process decisions. These decisions go beyond the scope of the traditional decision tree. 

Robotic process automation and Ai inference accelerate intelligent automation, leveraging Ai decision services or Ai inference engines and scale RPA initiatives. 

These inferences can make highly accurate, explainable decisions in complex areas like financial and healthcare. These are the areas where regulators monitor the rationale that supports those decisions. 

How do Ai inference engines work? 

Ai inference engines create an entire universe of logic, data and decisions. Organizations learn from transactional processes and apply that to build a better business model. 

Each year, poor decisions are costly to organizations. Intelligent automation enables organizations to build visual models of their smartest employees’ thought processes, then use these models to automate decision-making at rates typically 100x faster and 25% more accurate. 

Organizations must democratize these technologies and make sure business logic is a function to accelerate the automation of business processes and tasks

Watch this LinkedIn Live event video to get answers about how your organization needs intelligent automation to increase productivity, decrease costs and make better decisions. The experts discuss and answer challenging questions, such as: 

  • How can your organization accelerate any new or existing RPA initiatives? 
  • How can your organization use and scale Ai decision engines? 
  • Why do organizations need to democratize these technologies? 

Are you interested in intelligently automating your processes, but are concerned about implementation costs and complexity? No need to worry. Getting started cost-effectively is a common concern. We will provide insights and answers for those looking to get started automating key processes without breaking the bank. Contact us.