February 23, 2021

Launch Your CDFI’s Grant Portal in Two Weeks

Presented by

Cal Fuerst, TDI Practice Lead at SSTech, Stephen Moritz, CDO at SSTech

About this talk

Learn How a No-Code Platform Rapidly Automates Distribution, Processing and Reporting.

Pandemic-fueled economic relief has increased with multiple funding rounds from federal, state and local sources, yet diverse and complex requirements imposed on those tasked with distribution have been inconsistent. These complex distribution models have made it futile for small financial institutions to take part in their community’s release of economic aid.

Funding organizations are facing growing scrutiny over distribution equity, process integrity, speed of execution and complex reporting. Many CDFIs find it daunting to distribute funds. If there’s a way to use technology for such complexities, then more CDFIs can act to serve their communities. Grant Portal is best technology to over come CDFI challenges.

This webinar highlights how a small CDFI worked with System Soft Technologies to use a no-code platform, building a grant portal, back-end process automation and stakeholder reporting in weeks. Complex and fluid processing requirements were quickly coded and deployed to distribute grant funding of $60 million in less than 60 days, without internal IT resources.

Most CDFI leaders know challenges remain and could worsen, as the U.S. Treasury provides more requirements for new funding. Here’s good news. This webinar reveals the innovative technology and approach, positioning any CDFI to connect communities and businesses to incremental funding available soon.

Learn how to take part and save resources now:

  • Leverage no-code technology to launch a portal in less than 10 days, with complex/fluid processing guidelines
  • Act on the U.S. Treasury’s directives from its webinar (2/18/2021)
  • Save over 14,000 hours of end-to-end processing resources when distributing
  • Position your organization to expand on funding opportunities with a flexible/automated platform enabled by no-code technology