Top 5 Benefits of Low-Code, No-Code Development Platforms

Long gone are the days when coding was necessary for application development. Nowadays, developers and even non-developers can create an enterprise-grade applications. Without writing a single line of code. Yes, that’s right! Easy and anyone.

With the use of a no-code software development platform, stakeholders in your organization can turn business and IT ideas into fully functional applications within mere hours.

Here’s a primer where we discuss the no-code basics and dive a bit deeper into the top five benefits of this growing and well-received software development platform.

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No-Code Basics

So, what’s no-code application development? As the name suggests, it’s a method of building applications, without coding.

A no-code platform enables builders to drag-and-drop pre-configured blocks, creating advanced, enterprise-grade applications.

The demand for no-code has significantly risen amid the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. That’s because for all organizations, both large and small, speed and agility became critical. According to Forrester Research, the no-code movement will be worth $21.2 billion by 2022 (extending from $3.8 billion in 2017. No surprise there!)

Competitive dynamics have generated considerable pressure on organizations to find innovative methods to develop applications, rather than rely on traditional ones to stay in the game.

Here are The Top 5 Benefits of Low-Code, No-Code Development Platforms

1. Improved Agility

With new challenges affecting operational efficiencies, customer experiences and remote workforces placed on your organization by the pandemic, agility isn’t an option. It’s a priority.

A survey by OutSystems, a Boston-based software maker of a low-code platform and tools for organizations to develop, deploy and manage omnichannel enterprise applications, shows the number of applications created each day is steadily increasing. Meanwhile, the time taken to create a new application is still the same.

This is where no code low code capabilities comes into play. A no-code development platform enhances your developer’s agility by helping him or her design and deploy applications fast. Most no-code platforms automate everything from building to testing. This saves time and allows developers to work on complex projects.

A single person can build an app in just hours. And six to eight projects can be managed by just one citizen developer. This enables a much faster project rollout. Citizen developer platform saves the hassle of you hiring and investing in a team of expensive professional developers. The team gets more done in less time.

Moreover, responding to your evolving business requirements using traditional programming is an expensive and time-consuming affair. With a no-code platform, your developers can integrate changes with ease whenever needed and offer a better customer experience.

2. Yes, Anyone Can Develop

Are you someone with absolutely no knowledge about coding? Not a problem. Embrace the no-code development platform!

You don’t need technical experience or coding knowledge. All you need is an idea. With a no-code platform, anyone can build easy-to-use and fully functional apps in an hour.

And that leads us to the next benefit of this platform.

3. Speed Deployment

Of all the benefits of no-code development, the ability to accelerate the delivery of new applications is utmost crucial. With a no-code platform, your organization can develop an application as much as 10 times faster than through traditional methods.

The drag-and-drop functionality of no code enables rapid prototyping. This allows products to be delivered much faster than via traditional methods.

4. Reduced Cost and Time

Skilled developers aren’t only difficult to find, but also expensive for you to hire. Moreover, app development is expensive, considering the cost of development and maintenance to your organization.

A no-code development platform is more cost-effective. Once you develop, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on maintenance unlike with traditional methods.

No code replaces professional developers. And it saves your organization a lot in costs. Additionally, the process of building apps through no code is simple and fast. Therefore, the time saved using the tool directly translates to saved dollars and more profitability overall.

5. Enhanced Innovation

Forbes Technology Council member Claus Jepsen has written: “Successful IT organizations will be those that provide their employees with the tools and technologies to design and develop their own IT solutions, as well as the classes and education needed to do so successfully. With review and approval processes in place, both IT organizations and employees can find a mutual benefit in the creation of ‘citizen-built’ applications.”

The rise in demand for a no-code platform & low code business solutions doesn’t mean traditional programming is dead. A no-code strategy aims to help your developers with the basic applications and relieve them from continuously fixing bugs and updating existing programs. It supplies them more time to focus on complex applications that require innovation.

No-code and citizen-developer development are meant to enhance the alignment between your business and IT. It eases the ultimate partnership between business and IT. It allows both parties to make the most of their unique skills and ability.

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When your organization embraces a no-code development platform, the benefits are extensive. And the list only grows.

Unprecedented times have been the catalyst behind the rise of the no-code platform. But the way it has revolutionized organizations shows it’s here to stay.

Now that organizations have acknowledged the benefits of the platform, there’s no doubt more will step up to gain a competitive advantage through its use.

Is your organization ready to transform the way you build applications?

Inquire about System Soft Technologies’ Low-Code/No-Code Workshop. During this workshop, we partner with organizations to find high potential candidate applications and business challenges best for a low-code or no-code project, which will be meaningful for your business growth and success.

Note that this blog article is just a summary of the most notable benefits of no code. You can learn more about Leveraging High Quality Platforms for Software Development in our most recent whitepaper.

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About the Author: Calvin Fuerst

As Vice President of the Technology Development and Integration Practice at System Soft Technologies, Calvin drives all rapid application development solutions and services, including licensing and service deliveries through low-code and no-code platforms, integration platforms and tech accelerators. He has harnessed more than 20 years of experience in technology sales, marketing and software solution delivery.