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The Future of Work Enabled With Microsoft Teams: Part 1

August 27, 2021 @ 2:00 pm 2:30 pm

LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live Event Description 

In this insightful video, digital workplace expert Whitney Church, Modern Workplace Solutions Architect at System Soft Technologies, explains what a hybrid workplace model means to your organization, including how Microsoft Teams is an essential tool for your future workforce and how these efforts translate into better business outcomes. 

Whitney discusses topics like: 

  • Deployment governance adoption of the Microsoft Teams platform 
  • Hybrid workplace models 

Learn what organizations must consider, such as:  

  • The technical side of a digital workplace and how to actually make an on-premises solution work with a cloud solution. 
  • The practical side of how to make a work from home environment work with cloud. 
  • What it means for a hybrid model, working from home using cloud. 
  • What is the future of work

Challenges of Remote Work for IT Department

Recently, nearly two-thirds of IT professionals have been overwhelmed trying to manage remote work. They became overloaded managing devices across their organizations for people working from anywhere. 

As a result, IT departments are spending more on remote management technologies, and more than half of those IT organizations will spend more on security and securing devices to better manage technology in a remote environment. 

What are the top priorities for IT departments rolling out a hybrid work environment? 

The top priority for IT departments is adding an extra layer of security, so employees can work from anywhere and making remote work and device management easier. 

Organizations have been steadily moving toward creating digital workplace models that are human-centric, so employees can better overcome challenges of fatigue and decreased performance. 

Learn more about how to elevate your business performance by keeping your team connected or schedule a call with our experts in the digital workplace