Windows Virtual Desktop

Using Windows Virtual Desktop as a Business Differentiator

During these times of economic and health uncertainty, many businesses have stopped dead in their tracks, as employees and customers are constrained from being onsite; limited in how they work, shop and interact.

Many are confronting unclear demand and are looking to compress costs and be more agile. These challenges put the spotlight on IT to implement a remote work solution that is secure and cost-effective. Many are finding that Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is the solution they need now.

What is Windows Virtual Desktop Service?

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a desktop and application virtualization service powered by Microsoft Azure. It can be easily deployed to help maintain data sovereignty, prohibit data loss and strengthen security, all without deploying hardware or a virtual private network (VPN).

WVD Manager could be a critical tool for your organization to survive and prosper. With it, organizations can rapidly and effectively support a remote workforce, protect data integrity, improve productivity, increase security and compliance, and reach operational and cost efficiencies.

Watch this webinar to gain a foundational understanding about how to automate deployments, employ a single pane view to manage environments and reveal costs through enhanced insights. These processes help to design and implement a WVD Manager strategy fast and effectively for your organization. Business leaders and IT professionals will specifically learn how to implement a WVD Deployment and Management Model, which can:

  • Boost employee productivity and collaboration for onsite, remote or hybrid workforces
  • Reduce costs for IT infrastructure, hardware and network, including Azure consumption
  • Enhance security, control and compliance

Webinar attendees will be given three specific techniques to achieve a better implementation of a Windows Virtual Desktop solution, which will support a more agile business that can grow through innovation, optimization and scale.

You will also discover how our SSTech Modernized Analytics Platform QuickStrike has allowed our clients to stimulate a Data and Analytics Platforms Migration program through specific and executable recommendations, delivered in weeks. 

Windows Virtual Desktop QuickStrike

Who needs this? Business and IT Leaders who:

• Want to boost productivity
• Want to boost collaboration
• Want to reduce the costs of IT Infrastructures
• Want to reduce Azure Cloud consumption
• Want to enhance security, control and compliance

What do we provide? 

• Set-up of a virtual environment using Nerdio

How long does it take? 

• Approximately four Hours

What is the deliverable? 

• Direct assistance in setting up a determined number of Virtual Users*