Free Heuristic and Usability Evaluation of Your Website 

What is a heuristic evaluation?

A heuristic evaluation is led by UX experts who use Heuristic Principles to evaluate the usability of user interfaces. System Soft Technologies’ UX experts will evaluate your product and/or website, then deliver a report with a set of recommendations that will improve the user experience of your digital offerings for your audience.

Our UX experts will evaluate your existing digital system(s) or the digital system(s) of a close competitor to identify potential areas of improvement, additional functionality and innovation. Their evaluation will be briefly summarized using our heuristic evaluation standards.

By comparing your user interface against a recognized set of usability principles, our UX experts will quickly gather critical, constructive feedback. This feedback can be used to improve the functionality and usability of your interface, from detecting minor usability problems to significant issues, which prevent your users from properly engaging with your product or service.

Who needs this? Business and IT leaders who are not sure about . . . 

  • How their website or product is performing for end users 
  • When to reassess their existing website or digital product(s) 
  • When and how to improve their product(s)

How long does it take?

We promise to deliver the findings and recommendations in less than a week. Depending on the size and complexity of your product or website, it may take longer. But we will let you know in advance. It will only require a commitment of 60 minutes of your time.

What is the deliverable?

You will receive a post-evaluation report, which will cover the findings based on UX principles about what works and what does not. We also will provide a set of recommendations and, potentially, screen mockups to help you improve your product or website.

usability heuristics flow chart


Solving Visible and Invisible Problems 

System Soft’s team of UX researchers, strategists and designers will solve the invisible problems organizations and users cannot see. Innovation and market disruption occur when the right people thoroughly analyze your data. 


Deploying a Customized Approach 

Each project and client have unique needs and constraints, which we refer to as project parameters. Our UX experts examine these parameters and create a custom-fit approach comprised of four phases that fit your timeline and budget. They are Discover, Design, Development and Deliver. 


Building Your Competitive Advantage 

Our clients realize a successful product, service or application when using our approach, because we help build a competitive advantage for them through user experience leveraging our design, research and technology expertise.