Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion for Women in Information Technology: HERstory Video Series

Amplifying diversity and inclusion through Women Making HERstory video series, a candid conversation about fortitude, breaking barriers and women in information technology

Every woman has a story to tell and gifts to share with the world. And Women’s History Month is a celebration of women’s contributions to our history, culture and society.

This past March, and every March since 1981, has been a special time of year when the immeasurable impact women have made on society is commemorated.

Women’s history doesn’t rewrite history. But it does add different perspectives about what’s historically significant. It’s been a time to reflect on the often-overlooked contributions of women in tech and give extra attention to all the amazing accomplishments of strong, determined women in tech and their leadership.

In honor of Women’s History Month, System Soft Technologies launched the Women Making HERstory video series. The nine episodes feature Vice President of Operations Elizabeth Cooke McConnell at iLabor Network and CEO Carrie Charles at Broadstaff.

Both Elizabeth and Carrie graciously sat down with System Soft and had a candid conversation about fortitude, breaking barriers and hope for the future of women in technology. You can watch the complete, unedited video here:

HERstory Episodes

You can also watch each individual episode of the video series about women in information technology. Just click on the episode title to view.

Episode 1: Career Journey

Episode 2: Moments of Doubt

Episode 3: Underrepresentation

Episode 4: Quotes to Live by

Episode 5: Support

Episode 6: Hiring Tactics

Episode 7: Career Advice

Episode 8: Favorite Quotes

Episode 9: Realization

Learning about women who have stood up for their rights and fought for what they believe is the motivation for every person at System Soft. We all have the power to influence the direction our world is headed. And Women’s History Month reminds us of that.