RPA QuickStrike Workshop

The current economic landscape puts business leaders in a predicament: They must hit revenue goals under challenging conditions with less staff.

As economic contraction pushes businesses to rely on automation, the need to effectively implement and/or scale Robotic Process Automation projects intensifies. But often, there is a lack of capacity and capability to do so.

Achieving a cost-effective RPA implementation requires that a company’s strategic goals must shape the contours of its deployment.

Now is not the time for a limited and ineffective commitment to RPA-driven automation.

A recent Forrester survey shows up to 80% of RPA programs do not hit ROI targets because companies get stuck after deploying just a few bots.

And, for those that commit to broad RPA programs, Deloitte says longer-than-anticipated bot implementations have delayed ROI.

For those that have not started leveraging RPA, there are questions as to where to begin. Others that have begun their RPA journeys are looking for ways to avoid problematic implementations and leverage best practices to scale.

We hold a 2-3 hour workshop with clients to look at their particular situation and what the answers to these questions and issues are.

Who needs this? Business and IT Leaders who aren’t sure …

  • Where to start
  • Which processes should be prioritized
  • Why ROI and results are not meeting expectations
  • What architecture and methodology is appropriate for RPA

What do we provide? 

  • Pre-Workshop Questionnaire and Agenda
  • Workshop, where we collaborate with clients to identify:
    • Metrics for process evaluation
    • Weighting
    • Process and functional scoping and definition
    • Scoring
  • Post-Workshop Report Out, which covers:
    • Sequencing and time estimation
    • Short- and long-term plan
    • Best practice guidance

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