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What are Microservices?

  • Microservices are small, independent, and loosely coupled. A single small team of developers can write and/or maintain a service.
  • Each of these services is a separate codebase, which can be managed by a small dev team.
  • Microservices can be deployed independently. A team can update an existing service without rebuilding and redeploying an entire application.
  • Services are responsible for persisting their own data or external state. This differs from the traditional model, where a separate data layer handles data persistence.
  • Services communicate with each other by using well-defined APIs. Internal implementation details of each service are hidden from other services.
  • Services do not need to share the same technology stack, libraries, or frameworks to operate.

Benefits of Microservices

  • Isolation: With a microservices architecture, the failure of one service is less likely to negatively impact other parts of the application because each microservice runs autonomously from the others.
  • Scalability: Allows different components to scale at different rates whereas a monolithic architecture requires you to scale the whole application. This flexibility allows a system to expand quickly without requiring a significant increase in resources.
  • Flexibility: Developers can connect microservices programmed in any language. They can also connect microservices running on any platform. This offers more flexibility to use the programming languages and technologies that best fit the needs of the project and the skillsets of your team.
  • Faster Development: Developers can quickly build or change a single or multiple microservices, then plug into the architecture with less risk of coding conflicts and service outages.

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