Empower Your Customers and People with the Bank Automation Accelerator.

Unleash the Power of Automation and AI for Your Financial Institution

Automation Improves Banking

The financial services industry is facing significant challenges including higher interest rates, slow loan growth, higher delinquencies amidst a rapidly evolving economic landscape. Disruptive factors are fundamentally transforming the financial sector, compelling banks and credit unions to weave automation into the fabric of revenuegenerating and operational processes.

To stay competitive, banks need to quickly find ways to:  

  • Reduce non-interest costs
  • Meet digital expectations of customers
  • Outcompete FinTech and Digital Natives
  • Overcome technical and operational expertise scarcity
  • Transition resources from low-value process execution to more strategic activities

Unlocking Results with BAA

Our Bank Automation Accelerator (BAA) has propelled banks and credit unions forward to achieve transformative results, including:

  • Reduce loan origination and servicing costs
  • Improve transactional accuracy
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Elevate customer satisfaction and engagement
  • Strengthen compliance
  • Achieve growth without staff increases 

The Bank Automation Accelerator Advantage 

 BAA harnesses a global team with expertise in robotics, AI, intelligent document processing, integration, and analytics to empower your customers, employees, and financial partners with our:  

On-Demand Expertise  Access a global team of professionals with banking knowledge and deep technical skills. 
QuickStrike Methodology  Rapid assessment, design, and proof of concept in under ninety days. 
Intelligent Automation  Integration of AI and ML to facilitate process learning and support for complex process automation.
Solutions Catalog  Leverage pre-built solutions with high agility technology. 
Adaptive Customer Experiences  Deliver personalized services and virtual assistants for prospects, customers, and employees. 
Scalable Deployment  On-premises, cloud or hybrid aligned with client technology strategy and existing footprint. 

Example Business Areas Automated


Commercial Loan Origination & Servicing  Digital integration to core banking with automation of key loan processes: sales, application, collateral assessment, borrower data management, underwriting, funds distribution, covenant analysis, and loan resolution. 
Customer Onboarding  Streamline onboarding and enhance user experience by unifying people, processes, and data to empower business users, reduce risk, and accelerate time to revenue. 
Know Your Customer (KYC)  Automate investigative case management to monitor customers, their suitability, the risk assessment of transactions, and configurable alerts. 
Adaptive Security Protocols  Stay ahead of cybersecurity threats with adaptive security measures and intelligent automation to continuously monitor and respond to potential internal and external risks. 

Seamless Implementation

BAA solutions and people seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and in-house teams, while data and analytics are implemented to align and extend existing models, governance and technologies. 

Transform your organization today into an intelligent powerhouse with our Bank Automation Accelerator.