How Can System Soft Alleviate the Pain?

Q4 and the inception of a new plan year brings an intense number of questions from employers, members and providers.  Expectations are high for responsiveness and leaders struggle with scaling the Call Center in time and within budget constraints.  The win/win is to rapidly create digital experiences via targeted portals.

It’s what your customers and employees want, but the limited availability of internal resources within IT and the business are constraining.  This is where our QuickStrike methodology, use of high-agility platforms and integration team combine to create an engaging digital experience portal for new-plan-year inquires.  Design and implementation can occur in weeks and quickly enable customer inquiries to be handled via a compelling user interface delivered into multiple digital channels. 

Healthcare quick strike

Our portal solutions move the needle of costs (lower) and member service (higher) by handling questions through digital channels in such areas as:

  • Making decisions on plan choices.
  • Evaluating provider networks.
  • Creating new account logins and ID cards.
  • Reviewing formulary.
  • Determining HRA and HSA withholding amounts.
  • Assessing consequences of pre-existing conditions.
  • Accessing telehealth options.

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