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Modernize Your Analytics Platform

“80% of customers expect and reward personalization” – Acquia Survey 2020

A great digital customer experience should ensure that customers feel valued and understood, no matter where their brand engagement happens online. Their interaction with your brand has to be smooth, convenient, and hassle-free. This rings true for both physical and digital customer experiences. To create the right experiences, you need the right data.

A global pandemic has challenged organizations to provide customers the personalized experiences they need. Compounding the problem is that critical data underpinning customer engagement is often not integrated, harmonized or automated to deliver the analytical insights required to initiate, maintain and extend customer relationships. 

But there is good news! In this webinar learn how market leaders have cracked the code to build a Modernized Analytics Platform, which successfully uses artificial intelligence (AI) and harmonized data to automate the delivery of predictive and prescriptive customer insights. 

We will cover the four hurdles that can constrain organizations from using data as a competitive weapon, including architecture complexity, data inconsistency, lack of automation, and insufficient business clarity. We will also share case studies on how top performers have overcome those challenges in building an Analytics Modernization Platform. Specific recommendations and techniques will be described in pragmatic terms, which can fuel adoption, accelerate modernization and drive higher ROI of data and analytics investments. 

Reflecting on these case studies, you will learn how System Soft Technologies (SSTech) has blended a unique method with an automated data platform to modernize our clients’ analytics capabilities to enhance digital customer experiences and drive top line growth. 

You will also discover how our SSTech Modernized Analytics Platform QuickStrike has allowed our clients to stimulate a Data and Analytics Platforms Migration program through specific and executable recommendations, delivered in weeks. 

Analytics Platform QuickStrike

Who needs this? Business and IT Leaders who:

  • Not sure who our customers are
  • Can’t connect with customers in our stores
  • Not sure where they buy and what they’ve bought
  • Wonder how we should segment our customers
  • Wonder what the ROI is for marketing initiatives
  • Can’t connect customer activities across servicing channels
  • Can’t forecast customer needs or up/cross sell services and products
  • Lots of data; it’s everywhere; but not consistent or integrated across internal and external sources

What do we provide? 

  • One to two sources and outcomes

How long does it take? 

  • One hour discovery call. Format a quick Proof of Concept based on the discovery.

What is the deliverable? 

  • Insights from Use Cases and Scenarios

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