November 12, 2020

Microservices: Retiring the Monolith 5 Steps to Put Microservices in Action Now

Presented by

Don Bilbrey, Senior Cloud Architect, SSTech & Anil Kumar, Senior Software Architect, SSTech

About this talk

5 Steps to Put Microservices in Action Now for Business Agility, Efficiency, Resiliency, and More Revenue.

Google, Amazon and Facebook have run microservices for more than a decade, influencing 77% of organizations to adopt microservices, with 92% experiencing success, according to a recent O’Reilly survey. And, with microservices projected to grow globally at a 22.5% rate through 2025, microservices over monolithic architectures must be carefully considered.

About this Webinar During this webinar, we will provide decision-makers and IT professionals a foundational understanding of how the building blocks of containers, APIs and scalable cloud infrastructure can be used to develop a strong microservices strategy for your organization to address crucial business challenges with agility, efficiency, resiliency and revenue growth.

To help get products to market rapidly and create a robust debugging strategy, you will specifically learn about:

Single Responsibility Principle. When one, and only one, capability is provided by a service.

Isolation. Building and maintaining a single capability, without impacting other functions.

Autonomy. Microservices in action are autonomous, so users can choose to accept or reject the promise offered by a provider but cannot direct it to behave in a particular way.

Data Encapsulation. Microservices capture the data (or state) and behavior as a single unit, and persistent data for each service must be private, allowing user access to the data only through its published interfaces or APIs.

Inter-process Communication. Microservices interact with each other to fulfill a user’s request or perform a business function.

We will also cover our QuickStrike Workshop, which delivers a rapid review of your architecture and a defined plan forward for true business transformation, encompassing IT, processes, people and culture.