Accelerate Asset Growth with the Loan Automation Accelerator (LA2)

Compress time and cost across loan application, origination and servicing with a personalized and compelling customer experience, supported by workflow automation and analytical insights

Banking lady showing the dashboard related to loan approvals

Automation Improves Loan Processing

Many bank and credit union leaders believe that the Fed’s policy of monetary tightening may be behind us. This leads to anticipation of an increase in loan demand, even as credit standards and risk controls intensify. The fluid nature of lending requires that banks and credit unions leverage automation to ensure that customer expectations and compliance requirements can be met without a costly and time-consuming dependency on manual labor.

Banks are increasing dependency on automation to meet these challenges:

  • Higher customer demand for digital application, origination and servicing workflows
  • Reduce non-interest and employee costs to combat continued high deposit costs
  • More compliance around risk position, Know Your Customer and valuation model rules

Unlocking Results with LA2

The Loan Automation Accelerator (LA2) integrates with core lending systems and brings automation-based speed to critical workflows for commercial and consumer lending, spanning key processes:

  • Application processing
  • Asset, income and ownership verification
  • Underwriting and pricing
  • Origination and settlement
  • Covenant data management and reporting
  • Loan servicing
  • Securitization
  • Data Analytics

Automation Improves Lending

The LA2 Advantage

LA2  harnesses cloud-based intellectual property and a global team with expertise in robotic processing automation, generative AI, intelligent document processing, integration, and analytics to empower your customers, employees, and financial partners.



What makes us a Loan Automation preferred partner

  • On-Demand Expertise

    Access a global team of professionals equipped with banking knowledge and deep technical skills, providing immediate support and solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Rapid App Development Methodology

    Utilize our streamlined approach for rapid assessment, design, and proof of concept completion within a concise ninety-day timeframe.

  • Intelligent Automation

    Harness the power of AI and ML integration to enhance process efficiency, enabling seamless automation of complex tasks, including intelligent document processing.

  • Solutions Catalog

    Explore our extensive range of pre-built solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technology for agile and effective implementation across diverse sectors.

  • Adaptive Customer Experience

    Elevate customer engagement with personalized services and virtual assistants, catering to the unique needs of prospects, customers, and employees alike.

  • Scalable Deployment

    Choose from on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid deployment options tailored to align with your technology strategy and existing infrastructure seamlessly.

LA2 Functional Scope

A broad spectrum of processes can be automated that span front, mid, and back office.  LA2 can be integrated into most core banking systems, and data analytical models are implemented to align with client-specific models, technologies, and governance.

Leverage the power of automation to grow commercial and consumer lending portfolios and digitally transform workflows with LA2.

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