April 22, 2021

Digital Marketer’s Dilemma: Find the Right Way to Balance Compliance and Tracking

Presented by

Imran Riaz, Sen. Dir. UX/UI, SST; Steve Moritz, Chief Digital Officer SST; Darrell Ross, Managing Partner, Prophet Consulting

About this talk

A simple definition of consent is a person online has the “right” to allow or forbid strangers (e.g., advertisers, website publishers and other third-party technology providers) from collecting his or her personal data. This “right” sits at the center of most data privacy laws, such as GDPR and other privacy regulations spreading across the globe.

In response, Google announced in early 2020 it will stop the use of third-party cookies in Chrome by 2022 which will affect compliance and tracking . Chrome is joining a growing list of browsers eliminating the third-party cookie as a tracking technology. This trend will make it more difficult to implement targeted digital marketing initiatives. And it reduces the ability to track and segment customers and prospects.

How will your organization engage with your audiences, while respecting their privacy? Many organizations are struggling with what to do next. However, the elevated importance of consent, changes in advertising technology, inhibited tracking ability, and increasing regulations are challenges that can be overcome compliance and tracking.

Attend this webinar if you are looking to understand the three primary ways organizations are overcoming this challenge, which include the use of: data marketing firms (e.g., Epsilon and Merkle); customer data platforms (e.g., Acquia and BlueConic); and customer identity graphs. We will explain the criteria used to assess each of these solutions to make the right choice and enhance the ROI of digital marketing, which is privacy safe, yet targeting the right customers.

Webinar participants will also learn about our QuickStrike Workshop, during which we:

  • Assess your ability to address consent compliance and data privacy requirements.
  • Review your current technology stack and how it supports customer identification, tracking and personalized digital marketing initiatives.
  • Identify a tactical plan for enhancing your ability to improve customer tracking and digital marketing ROI through the right approach and be prepared for delivering best future digital customer experience .